Candyland Round of BOOM!Box!
December Theme - Candyland: Hehe. Hi! Princess Sparkle Hooves here. I recently took
a trip to a magical place called Candyland and I brought back a number of treats for my
friends. Enough to fill BOOM!BoxesIn a world of peppermint patties and splendor in the 
gumdrop grass...


Expand your nerd universe with a tribute to tabletop gamers of a sweet tooth variety!

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Candyland Round of BOOM!Box Simply Mint to Be Scarf Lip Balm by Apothecary Noir The Truffle Cottage Nerd Manicure Nerd Manicure Apothecary Noir Bath Bomb Miss Mandible Art Print

What's in the box?!? 

Espionage Cosmetics Items: 


BOOM!Box Exclusives:

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*Exclusive Simply Mint to Be Scarf by Espionage Cosmetics
*Cotton Candy & Chocolate Orange Lip Balm by Apothecary Noir
*Shimmer Gingerbread Man by The Truffle Cottage
*Jawbreakin' Sweet Berry Bath Bomb by Apothecary Noir
*Exclusive BONUS Art Print by Miss Mandible Designs


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This was such a sweet Boom Box! (no pun intended, but since it slipped out, I’m rolling with it). Can’t wait to try out both nailwrap sets, as well as that beautiful bath bomb!

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