Espionage Cosmetics Formulaic Round of Nexus!
NEXUS /’neksəs/ noun. a connection or series of connections linking two or more things.
It began with the BOOM!Box, a bi-monthly subscription box dedicated to introducing subscribers to new nerdy items in the ‘verse! After months of analyzing feedback, the Espionage Cosmetics team of Nerd Misfits took to a new idea: what if we provide a LITE version of the BOOM!Box? Enter the NEXUS subscription package! Every month, you’ll get advanced access to TWO NEW #NERDMANICURE DESIGNS. Are you ready to get connected with the best of nerdy nail wraps? NEXUS has got you covered, fellow colleagues of nerdom!



Merging mathematics and fashion? Why? Cos we can, right? We took notes on Leonhard Euler’s Mathematical formula to bring you this complex glow-in- the-dark design. Want to take the fun up a notch? If you use a matte top coat on this design, it gives Euler’s Formula the look as if it were written on a chalkboard!
The combination of science and nail art is an explosive concept! We tip our hats to chemist and inventor, Dmitri Mendeleev, for witnessing patterns while attempting to classify dierent elements. If it were not for that, the publishing of his periodic table in 1869 would not have happened and neither would this nerd manicure. While you enjoy the elements on your fingertips with this glow-in- the-dark set, take a guess at what the Easter egg is for this design! Flip it and reverse it!



Euler's Formula wins the Formulaic round of Nexus!Chemistry loses the Formulaic round of Nexus!
The people have spoken! Euler's Formula has been crowned CHAMPION of Formulaic! This means it now resides within our permanent nerd manicure line and can be purchased here. Chemistry was sadly snuffed out by your votes! It has been sent to time-out and is only accessible to those that subscribed to the Formulaic round of Nexus. If that was you, then you have been granted exclusive access to purchase it here.


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