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NEXUS ships TWO brand new Nerd Manicure designs to your doorstep every month! After an epic vote, the winning nail wrap design joins our permanent #NerdManicure line, and the loser becomes a subscriber exclusive! Join the wrap battle now!


THEME for October: Gemology

With a world filled with so many possibilities, it is no wonder how these two designs made their way into your NEXUS package. Inspired by crystals, gems, and precious stones, these nail wraps are teaming up to present you with the most genuine and delightful of manicures. Regenerating nail art has never been so simple.



Gemology Round of Nexus!

Gemology Round of Nexus !

There’s beauty in imperfections, and while all gemstones have them, they are perfect just the way they are. Amethyst embodies this sentiment with its luxurious, purple hues. This design attempts to capture the beauty of amethyst with subtle, powerful glitter accents on each nail.


A legacy of love is born into the universe as the warming aesthetic of Rose Quartz shows its power at your fingertips. Painted with shades of pink and roses that could soften the roughest of souls, this nerd manicure dazzles all who encounter it.



Espionage Cosmetics Amethyst Nail Wraps Espionage Cosmetics Rebel Rose Nail Wraps
The people have spoken! Amethyst has been crowned CHAMPION of Gemology! This means it now resides within our permanent nerd manicure line and can be purchased here. Rebel Rose was sadly snuffed out all because of your votes! It has been sent to time-out and is only accessible to those that subscribed to the Gemology round of Nexus. If this was you, then you have been granted exclusive access to purchase it here!  


Clever Girl Round of Nexus!


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ashley faye miller

I still really wish Rebel Rose had been victorious! I’m hoping for more Steven Universe themed items ?

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