Espionage Cosmetics Haunted BOOM!Box
HAUNTED: We befriended some boils and ghouls while passing the nearby cemetery, and spent
 evening after evening bouncing ideas off of them while they bounced their nether-worldly heads
off us. (Those jokesters!) Even though we parted ways to work on a box that would please any
lover of Halloween, our new friends often drift through the walls to sing a ghostly tune in
approval of what subscribers will receive from the Haunted BOOM!Box.
The contents are a scream.
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Hand Lettered Art Print by Nerdy Post Espionage Cosmetics Redrum Nail Wraps Espionage Cosmetics Graveyard Nail Wraps Espionage Cosmetics Custom Lippie Color Kit x2 Espionage Cosmetics Nail File Sparks Emporium Earrings Glittering Acro-bats Accessories

What's in the box?!? 

Espionage Cosmetics Items: 


BOOM!Box Exclusives:

*These are only available to B!B subscribers.
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*Hand Lettered Art Print by Nerdy Post
*Sparks Emporium Earrings
*Glittering Acro-bats Accessories


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