Espionage Cosmetics Passport to Nihon round of Nexus!
NEXUS /’neksəs/ noun. a connection or series of connections linking two or more things.
THEME: Passport to Nihon 
We hope you have your passport ready, because we're about to take you to the beautiful country of Japan with these two new nail wrap designs you're about to see! 



Named after the common Japanese phrase which translates to “My Dear Cat,” Neko-Chan aims to put an ear-to-ear smile on your face with the brightly colored, sweets-munching kitty cats! Complete with heart and paw print accents that adorn our traditional glossy finish. Why? Because we think you’re the cat’s nya!
Inspired by the popular woodblock print, The Great Wave Off Kanagawa, the Ukiyo-e nail wrap design was named after this art style in which the artist, Hokusai, adapted. It translates to “Pictures of the Floating World” and between the 17th and 20th centuries, Ukiyo-e art had a significant presence as a narrative for life in Japan after being introduced to the country from China in the 8th century. The koi fish, or carps, you see in the design stand for good luck! While originally from China, Japan is responsible for the common raising of koi in ponds. Wear your koi wraps in pairs for a perfect balance of luck in your life!



Ukiyo-e wins the Passport to Nihon round of Nexus! Neko Chan loses the Passport to Nihon round of Nexus!
The people have spoken! Ukiyo-e has been crowned CHAMPION of Passport to Nihon! This means it now resides within our permanent nerd manicure line and can be purchased here. Neko Chan was sadly snuffed out! It has been sent to time-out and is only accessible to those that subscribed to the Passport to Nihon round of Nexus. If that was you, then you have been granted exclusive access to purchase it here.


Formulaic Round of Nexus!


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