Espionage Cosmetics "Wyvern" BOOM!Box
WYVERN: Self-rescuing princesses received a surprise with the first BOOM!Box from Espionage Cosmetics.
Enclosed were items ranging from new nail wraps to a special contribution from Seattle based clothing
company BOMBSHELLER. Look further to see what the Wyvern box had in store for subscribers!

Past Themes for Sale!

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Espionage Cosmetics Wyvern Scales Nail Wraps Espionage Cosmetics E.L.F.S. Glitter Espionage Cosmetics Nail File Wyvern Headband & Kiru Button Peppermint Forest Bath Bomb Crimson Peak Perfume Sample by Black Phoenix Alchemy Dragon Pendant by Optimystical Studios Mad Max Coloring Page by Sam Skyler Furiosa Art Print by Sam Skyler

What's in the box?!? 

Espionage Cosmetics Items: 


BOOM!Box Exclusives:

*These are only available to B!B subscribers..
Don't miss out on magical items like the shinies below
and subscribe to our next box at ECBOOMBOX.COM

*Wyvern Headband & Kiru Button
*Peppermint Forest Bath Bomb
*Furiosa Art Print by Sam Skyler Art 
*Mad Max Coloring Page by Sam Skyler Art
*Crimson Peak Perfume Sample by Black Phoenix Alchemy 
*Dragon Pendant by Optimystical Studios


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