Cosplay Crash Pad #4: Ani-Mia Transforms Toxicity into Beauty!

  • By Hillary J

Cosplay Crash Pad #4: Ani-Mia Transforms Toxicity into Beauty!

Photo by Maze Studio

Live, love, cosplay! That’s the anthem that the effervescent Ani-Mia rocks to on a daily basis. This lady blankets those around her with good vibes and gracious acts. She’s been cosplaying since 2008, but her geekdom began sprouting up since the tender age of three in the form of Knight Rider tees.

Ani-Mia is Knight Rider

Ever since, she’s been making her shiny mark on the world in a very big way through her cosplay and the various charities that she supports. Beijing Comic Con, China’s second convention and Beijing’s very first, was quite the opportunity for the entire nerd community. Along with Rage Custom Creations and fabric donated by from Yaya Han’s line, Ani-Mia created a costume specifically to give to a lucky winner in celebration of this monumental and geektastic moment. She chose to whip up a rendition of Supergirl for the giveaway, a character and costume that hold special meaning for her. This particular cosplay is what Ani-Mia believes infused her with her own self-confidence.

Ani-Mia Cosplays as Supergirl

Photo by Anna Fischer 

She was hoping her gift would bestow its wearer with the same power-boosting energy. Something that started off as a random giveaway, shifted when she met a lovely young lady and they began chatting about insecurities. Ani-Mia shared the story behind her Supergirl costume and something clicked. She knew this particular girl was meant to have it. So, she did. She was deemed the winner and immediately went home and stepped into the suit. She sent Ani-Mia a photo shortly after with that incredibly special Kryptonian “S” emblazoned across her chest and a spirited smile on her face. Ani-Mia said it was the best feeling in the world. We love stories like this and simply had to share it! It seems this gal was given something far more valuable than just fabric and stitches.

From heroic moments to villainous mischief, Ani-Mia wears both hats rather well and with an added dash of fiery seasoning. Her original design Poison Ivy is delicate and deadly, an utterly perfect combination in bringing this character to life. She aimed for something different, regal, and yet still of the forest. She let the fabric dictate much of its growth, using hand-dyed silks. Our favorite part of her creation process might have landed her on some sort of government naughty list, but we have to agree that it was well worth the end result! Ani-Mia spent nearly a week straight researching poisonous plants.

“I think people tend to forget that Poison Ivy controls all of botany and it doesn’t get incorporated as much into her costume.”

Well, she literally blossoms in this costume! Look at that neck piece! We adore how beautiful and bursting with life this costume is. It also has a nasty bite lurking beneath that inviting surface. It’s to die for and seeping with the true nature of Poison Ivy. Mother Nature approves.

Original Poison Ivy Cosplay by Ani-Mia

Original Poison Ivy Cosplay by Ani-Mia

Photos by Jason Chau

Let us end with something rare and fluffy, from acquired treasures to elusive little buggers! We’re referring to Funko Pop Vinyl Figures, of course. Ani-Mia is an avid collector and we wanted a sneaky peek into her personal collection. Amongst her favorites, nestles her flocked Gizmo figure. Though Gremlins kind of freaked her out as a wee tot, she still remained a fan and held dear many of the dolls and books. She did manage to nab a SDCC Alien Funko, but she still remains on the hunt into deep space for a proto Alien Funko, whether it be an older version or yet to be released. We wish her the best! May the Funko be with you!

Gremlins Gizmo Flocked Pop Funko Figure

To follow Ani-Mia on more of her warmhearted adventures and fierce cosplay crusades, please visit her Facebook, Instagram, or StoreEnvy


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