Cosplay Crash Pad #5: Bernadette Bentley “Bernadazzles” as Xena!

  • By Hillary J

Cosplay Crash Pad #5: Bernadette Bentley “Bernadazzles” as Xena!

With a smile as catching as a melodic tune, Bernadette Bentley sweetens the world of cosplay with flashes of glam and memorable bouts of badassery! Though her satchel of tricks includes everything from voice acting and hosting to dancing and choreographing, we wanted to hear more of her war cry and feature her well known Xena: Warrior Princess cosplay. Step through the portal and join us as we explore more of the magic of costuming!
“Every time I put it on – I feel empowered, strong, and like such a badass.” – Bernadette Bentley
Bernadette admits that nothing will ever quite compare to the very first time she put on the original Xena suit, “There’s just something about wearing it that no other cosplay has come close to”. To be fair, we still think she looks completely and utterly fierce in her resplendent rendition of Xena Warrior Princess Princess pictured below. She’s also hopped around the con floor in a Xena Bunny mashup for an adorable spin on the skilled combatant. In all of them, she is sure to keep the iconic and ornate armor of Xena intact and the result is enough to bring any ruthless warlord to his knees!
Bernadette Bentley as Xena: Warrior Princess!
Photo by Gi:k Shop ‖ Photo by Eric Anderson Photographic ‖ Photo by Judy Stephens

In cosplay and in life, there are moments that send a ripple through the air. Moments that reverberate in heart and soul and will forever remain with you. Bernadette got to experience one such moment! The story (and photographic evidence) is completely charming to say the least!

She was with a few friends waiting to do some promo shots for an event the following year, when suddenly…everyone around her fell silent. “I feel this arm around me and look up to hear, ‘Who’s this mini-me we have here?’” In a fairytale-like turn of events, it just so happened to be none other than Lucy Lawless, the Warrior Princess herself! Bernadette goes on to describe how genuinely sweet and surreal her time with Lucy was. While chatting together a bit longer, Manu Bennet (a fellow actor on Spartacus) initiated an impromptu mini-shoot with a double dose of powerful warrior women! We can’t even imagine the crackle of extraordinary energy that must have been felt! Just look at these two!   
Lucy Lawless and Bernadette Bentley as Xena: Warrior Princess!
From sparkly moments to sparkly things, we want to round out this feature with another deep-rooted passion of Bernadette’s: to glitter-fy the world! (The Nerd Misfits fully support this very important mission.) Like us, Bernadette knows that all things are better when covered in rhinestones. She’s improved upon so many lackluster objects with the wondrous art of bedazzling that she needed her very own term, things touched with her radiance are to be known henceforth as “bernadazzled”. She spent over 40 hours “bernadazzling” her Burlesque Wonder Woman costume, but no object is too small she declares! She’s even “bernadazzled" a phone charger. Once again, we greatly approve. Check out some of her shimmering creations below and follow the links to the land of more "Bernadazzled" wonders!!! 
Bernadazzled things by Bernadette Bentley!
Bernadette Bentley in a hand "bernadazzled" ensemble!
Photo by Justice Photography

Check out Bernadette's Website, Facebook, Instagram, or send a message
her way to snag your own "bernadazzled" treasure! 




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