Cosplay Crash Pad #6: Bernie Bregman's yellow brick road to cosplay!

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Cosplay Crash Pad #6: Bernie Bregman's yellow brick road to cosplay!

Bernie Bregman as Doctor Strange

That Bernie Bregman is SO hot right now!

Taking care to honor different characters iconic in the comedic genre of pop culture, founder of Nerds Like Us brings laughter and smiles to conventions all over the nation. With Bernie seizing attention in the cosplay scene with charisma and flair for the dramatics, we reached out to learn more. Soar the skies and land on the latest Cosplay Crash Pad. Bernie style!


Think back on all the comic conventions you have attended and those cosplayers that stood out not just for their costuming abilities, but their skill in performance. Bernie is one of those personalities dedicated to making others question is this the real actor or a damn good cosplayer?

“Dark Helmet is what really got me started,” Bernie said emphasizing the Spaceballs character as his first big cosplay. “I only wanted to jump into this world if I could find a way to pull off a convincing Dark Helmet, and I was able to find the necessary help to do so. I would get mobbed at San Diego Comic Con and be quoting the film—in a complete Rick Moranis impersonation—for a good 8 hours a day.”

While Dark Helmet is a fond cosplay of Bernie’s, he admits it isn’t the most comfortable but there are two cosplays in mind that play up the giggles just as much without all the physical discomfort: Ace Ventura and Mugatu.

Bernie’s portrayals of both characters are so refreshing and organic, but it’s no wonder why. He explains that with how outrageous the two roles are, it’s fun as a temporary escape of which he exercises his impressions to improve the characters.

Bernie Bregman as Zoolander's MugatuPhoto by Con Woman Photography

There’s more to the yellow brick road Bernie took to get to where he is now. His great-grandfather Jack Haley, who is most known as the loveable Tin Man from The Wizard of Oz, influenced Bernie greatly with how much heart he had as an individual. Jack Haley used his wealth and influence for the good as an amazing man that did everything he could for those around him.

Jack Haley - Tin Man“I’ve tried to emulate that part of him since I was a teenager, offering whatever I could to help a friend, from time and manual labor to emotional support to financial when I could. I’ve had dozens of friends live with me for a stretch when they had nowhere to go [and] purchased con tickets or hotel rooms when I knew someone was going to miss out on an event that would bring them a lot of joy. I’m by no means a wealthy person but I do well enough and I spread love around where I can.”

Bernie Bregman as The Flash

If you’re a California resident or frequent attendee of San Diego Comic Con and Dragon Con, you might be aware of love spread by means of nerd solidarity and good fun in the form of after parties. Bernie took his particular set of skills in entertainment and party coordination to fill a void in convention life.

“All I’ve ever wanted—since I was a quiet nerd kid in a corner unable to socialize at 8th and 9th grade parties—was to conquer the stigma and make events for nerds to come out of their shells and have an amazing time being social and enjoying conventional experiences.”

That, he did! If you ever want to check out a fun gathering of people with like-interests, look into Nerds Like Us and Spinema Launch Parties in Southern California. Bernie partnered with Dave N Busters to throw fantastic screening events (most recently for Ghostbusters and Suicide Squad) that end with rooftop parties. For more information, follow Nerds Like Us on InstagramFacebook and Twitter

Check out the upcoming charity event by Nerds Like Us! This screening of Casper is to benefit the L.A. Children's Hospital! Click here for more information.


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 Image Credits: Con Woman Photography, Nerds Like Us, TheGeekGatsby, RockyHorror






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