Cosplay Crash Pad #1: Lil Red Rogue takes on Destiny cosplay

  • By Hillary - Resident Rogue & Jill of All Raids

Cosplay Crash Pad #1: Lil Red Rogue takes on Destiny cosplay


"The Queen rewards those who take up her cause, and take down her enemies." -Petra Venj

Lil Red Rogue here!

It is proven that Espionage's Everything Shadow in Astral Plane can indeed transport the user to a whole new plane of existence. I personally utilized this seductive shade of purple when cosplaying Petra Venj from Bungie's Destiny. Not only did it take my eyebrows from a mediocre mishmash of spindly hairs to a vibrant vortex of expressive energy, but I also used it to color my exposed hair to more closely resemble her signature fuchsia locks. I wasn't exactly sure how to mimic her tight braids, so I sort of faked it by brushing Espionage Cosmetics Everything Shadow in Astral Plane directly into my hair using a damp mascara wand. It worked as though the Queen herself had infused my hair with etheric light. When they say Everything Shadow...I tell ya, they certainly mean it!

LilRedRogue as Petra from Destiny

Hunt well, Guardian! <3

Photos by Cnidarium Photography

Signing off,
Lil Red Rogue

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