Dino-mo Gifts for your Dino Enthusiasts in your Life

  • By Victoria Castillo

Dino-mo Gifts for your Dino Enthusiasts in your Life

 The 90's brought us a plethora of amazing dinosaur goodness!  From Jurassic Park, Land Before Time, We're Back, Barney...and some of us never grew out of that love of everything dino-oriented! 
This is for all of you Dino-Queens!

Maggs x Jordandene: Clever Girl Scoop Neck Tee by Jordandene

Show off your love for your favorite dino movie while also proclaiming to the world what a smart cookie you are! 

Buy it HERE! 

Hatchlings nail wraps by Espionage Cosmetics 

Come on, push! 
Get your set HERE! 

#StellarDinos leggings by Bombsheller 

 Dinosaurs once walked the they walk all over your legs! 
Buy a pair HERE! 

Premium Aviator Sunglasses by Zenni Optical 


Pretend you are one cool researcher searching for dinosaurs on an these sunglasses...
...I mean, I don't do that, like, all the time.
Get a pair HERE! 

FIREFLY My Land Mismatched Dino Earrings by Rock love Jewelry 

These earrings are surely anything but an inevitable betrayal! 
So cute! 
Add a special touch to your gift giving by adding these Dino Fossil Cookies! 
~ Victoria 
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