Geeks Are We #3 | Artist Edition: This Fox has a lot to say!

  • By Hillary - Resident Rogue & Jill of All Raids

Geeks Are We #3 | Artist Edition: This Fox has a lot to say!

Photo by Patrick Lanham

(SPOILER ALERT: Contains minor spoilers for August’s BOOM!Box.)

Perhaps you’ve received your August BOOM!Box by now and in it a brilliant new art piece! Fox Smith, Nerd Makeup Ambassador, badass extraordinaire, and friend, is the femme fatale behind the canvas. As a biracial Korean-American woman, she is continually exploring how elements from both of her cultural backgrounds can merge and play off of one another in a glorious and harmonious dance of two worlds. The result is always mesmerizing.

“My visual aesthetic generally combines traits from Korean and Japanese prints with 1930’s classic cartoons, but I was interested for this piece to re-imagine a classic piece of geek culture through a traditionally Asian lens.”

To watch the magic unfold at the fingertips of this sly Fox,
view the time-lapse video below of her creation of the B!B art piece! Here we go!

Fox grew up playing console and PC games. In fact, she still owns her NES, SNES, and N64, so she was undoubtedly the perfect artist to feature in our Retro Gaming inspired subscription box! Check out the final result of this action-packed mashup! Wa-hoo!

August Boom!Box Featured Retro Gaming Art Piece by Fox Smith

I would also like to touch on this shiny little firefly of a piece below. Nathan Fillion himself caught wind of this uniquely-styled Serenity print created by Fox Smith. She was then given the opportunity at Wizard World: St. Louis to personally gift him, Alan Tudyk, and Adam Baldwin with a copy of their very own. She, of course, had them all sign a personal copy to take home and hang in a place of great importance. I stood on the sidelines and watched as Fox took her triumphant walk, being escorted through the restless throng of expectant fans. I cried ugly cries.

Nathan Fillion now follows Fox on Twitter. Yeah, no power in the ‘verse can stop her!

Serenity Firefly Print by Artist Fox Smith

When she’s not mingling with the crew, this multi-talented lady could be dominating any number of creative planes! I actually first met her at a con, sashaying to and fro as Mad Moxxi from Borderlands. Her strong, confident, and playful personality lending itself well to this smart-mouthed bartending bombshell. Fox is always looking to shake things up, but her fierce love of gaming often steers her costume choices. League of Legends comes out on top quite frequently, with Jinx, Katarina, and Teemo (her main in-game…yeah, she’s that guy) rounding out her ever growing cosplay closet!

Mad Moxxi, Jinx, and Catwoman Cosplay by Fox Smith

Fox Smith's Shiba Inu HigeOn top of being an illustrator and cosplayer, Fox is an actress. She will be in two full productions next year, as well as a shorter touring piece. Similarly, she uses her strong voice to help run several non-profits. These include Super Heroines, Etc., a member-based non-profit whose mission is to empower women and encourage them to embrace their inner nerd, and Solid Lines Productions, a theatre company whose mission is to foster community dialogue through theatre and socially-relevant issues. This saucy gal can also belt out a mean tune and until recently, led the blues band, Madam Fox and the Hounds. Did I mention that she’s also a storyteller, fortune teller, dances Lindy Hop and Tango, and has an adorable Shiba Inu named Hige? Just look at that wittle face…

All in all, Fox Smith is every bit the fox as her name suggests. She is quick-witted and mysterious, yet bursting with a vivacious and contagious radiance. I am constantly blown away by her creativity and the level of passion that she puts into everything that she touches. Imagine the most graceful, intelligent, and charming creature that you’ve ever laid eyes upon, now multiply that by a very large number. Yup, that’s this lovely lady below.

Fox Smith in her Natural Habitat

To see where this Fox is scampering off to next, please check out her Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, or her adorably designed and personalized website!

Mad Moxxi photo and featured cover photo by Patrick Lanham


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