Witchy Gift Guide

  • By Victoria Castillo

Witchy Gift Guide

Come hither my lovelies!

Are you racking your brain on what to get that special witch in your life? 
Worry not, for we have you covered!

~*+Witchy Vibes+*~

Witchy Vibes

The Gothique Lace clear nail wraps by Espionage Cosmetics.  


These nail wraps are clear which is perfect if you want to switch out the colors underneath, plus, they GLOW IN THE DARK! 
Buy them HERE! 
Photo by nails_by_yatyara

Skull & Crystal Pendant by Macabre Gadgets 

So edgy yet so elegant! 
Buy it HERE!

Marvel Loki Faux Leather Jacket by Her Universe 

Who doesn't want to rock a jacket inspired by one of the greatest tricksters?  
Buy it HERE!

Midnight Fog Heartfelted Witch Hat by elope 

Keep you head protected on those beautiful, gloomy, rainy days and still look bewitching! 
Buy it HERE! 


Catacomb Ring by Rock Love Jewelry 

"Omne crede diem tibi diluxisse supremum."
Know that each day that dawns may be your last.
- Horace
Buy it HERE!

Pirate Parachute Skirt Black by elope  

Whether you're feeling witchy, piratey or even steampunk-y, this skirt is versitile for all your cosplay and everyday needs! 
Buy it HERE! 

#InkyMoons leggings by Bombsheller 

We love the idea of layering these #InkyMoons leggings with the Pirate Parachute Skirt (above)!
Buy it HERE!

Box of Shadows Subscription box

Might we also recommend you check out Box of Shadows. It's a Wiccan influenced, spirituality subscription box that delivers curated boxes of worship supplies, altar decor, craft tools, jewelry, and pagan related gifts fit for an eclectic path.

Check them out at:

Want to get in the witchy mood? Check out the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina now streaming season 1 on Netflix! 

Have a magical day my pretties! 
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