Pandemonium in the Web: Double XP Sunday

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Pandemonium in the Web: Double XP Sunday

An Aluminum... uh, Witch? Appears

I'm not a witch, I'm not a witch! They dressed me like this!

>>Just show me the discounts...

The flowers nearby sway. Was it the wind? You quickly survey your surroundings to see what you can scoop up...

12:00 PST
An... Oh Come On, Now
It's like he's not even trying.
You are nearing the lair of Blyber, the orc-faced spider. A small rabbit, white of fur, is all that guards the cave mouth.
1:30 PST
I'm beginning to think he's not taking this seriously.
There is something unusual about this rabbit, but you can't quite place your finger on it...
2:30 PST
An Aluminum... oh, I get it!
"Monster." Hilarious. Wait, now he's pointing at something.
You notice with creeping horror that the ground is soaked with blood. All around you lie the skulls of slain adventurers, their bones gnawed on by tiny teeth. This was no spider attack. 
4:00 PST
Escape the Bunny!
Gather what you can to protect yourself!
There's no besting this beast!
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