An Aluminum Wizard Appears.

He beckons toward a dungeon entrance. You catch glimpses of treasure within.

>Enter the depths

You peer through the fog and catch a glimpse of something shiny in the darkness...


12:00 PST 

An Aluminum Wizard Appears 

He is now wearing a knockoff Sorting Hat. This seems suspect.

>>Decide to go with it anyway...

Three ghouls appear from the mist. The first is oozing viscous red fluid. This is Azghaul, Scourge of the Underworld. The second glows with an eerie blue light. He is Narvagh, Keeper of the Secrets. The third is wearing a natty suit. He is known as Bill, and is clearly middle management.


1:30 PST

An Aluminum... um... Wizard Appears!

It's a hat, but I wouldn't consider it very wizard-y. He is trying to get your attention.
>>See what he wants...
The ghouls have formed some sort of pyramid, perhaps a zombie-style Voltron.
The effect is unconvincing, at best.
2:00 PST
Oh good, he's back. What now?
He waves his arms wildly.
>>Follow him...
A single hit brings down the first two ghouls. Only Bill remains.
5:00 pm PST

An Aluminum... seriously? Fine. "Wizard" Appears.
This isn't exactly magical, but it certainly is something. He grins maniacally.
>>Something has changed... Wait, $2 wraps?!?!
You have defeated Bill the Ghoul. You make your way through the mist to the exit.




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Most Honored and Valiant of Bills. You will be missed.

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