Geeks Are We #4 | Artist Edition: Sam Skyler and her kaleidoscopic vision!!

  • By Hillary - Resident Rogue & Jill of All Raids

Geeks Are We #4 | Artist Edition: Sam Skyler and her kaleidoscopic vision!!


Sam Skyler is an artist, cosplayer, and dear friend to the Nerd Misfits. She is one of the sweetest little pixies that you’ll ever have the honor of meeting. She’s been known to leave a trail of fairy dust and smiles wherever she travels, and she’s certainly warmed our hearts! Her work has been featured in a number of our products, subscription boxes, and we even carry a handful of her creations in our Geek Boutique. One such creation is her book of wonders titled “Kaleidoscope”, which began on Kickstarter and manifested into a RL dream come true!

Sam gushes about one of her favorite aspects of this journey, “The most inspiring part of this process was having all of the Kickstarter supporters vote on what fandoms they’d like to see, and their comments on why it’s important to be a nerd.” Sam took these inspirations, as well as her personal connections to certain characters and universes, and compiled a beautifully intricate book of nerd-infused art pieces as though you’re peering through a kaleidoscope.

“I wanted it to feel like a magical portal for everyone to escape into and embrace the nerd culture that we love.” --- Sam Skyler

Furthermore, many of the pieces in this book boast the promise of hidden Easter eggs and tiny details that you may not catch at first glance! For instance, there’s a lightsaber hilt hidden among the swords in the Game of Thrones inspired piece! Look closely and feel the force blossom within you! The Nightmare Before Christmas inspired piece titled “Celebrate” includes a total of 31 hearts to represent October 31st, and the palpable love between Jack and Sally.  

Pieces from Sam Skyler's Kaleidoscope art book!

We must also note, in Thor’s piece, the end of his cape turns into a heart to represent Sam’s beau and Lord of Luscious Locks, SithintheNorth, because he has that whole Thor vibe going on and continues to give her strength and courage when she needs it most. Fine. Fine. We'll admit he's pretty fantabulous. =P

Sith in the North, Lord of Luscious Locks

Two of my personal favorites below! Truly, there’s something within this extensive collection for everyone to enjoy! WITNESS!!!! To grab your own copy and transport yourself into universe after mesmerizing universe, then please click TRANSPORT ME NOW!

Pieces from Sam Skyler's Kaleidoscope Art Book! CL4P-TP Approved.

**NERD MISFIT BONUS!!!** Our very own CEO and Glitter Jedi, Jaimie Cordero, penned the foreword. It’s touching, heartfelt, and speaks to the inner geek in everyone. If you're looking for something uplifting, look no further than this collection of inspired artwork. It'll ignite that silent spark and have your smile growing with each and every turn of the page. 

For other goodies, visit Sam's Society6 shop!!! Like the bag below (holding all o' my daily essentials o.0)!!!   

Bag o' Holding All the Things. Artwork by Sam Skyler!

Visit Sam's Etsy, Instagram, FacebookTwitter, or YouTube!


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