Nerd Royalty #3: Celebrating 75 years of Wonder Woman w/ Susan Eisenberg!

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Nerd Royalty #3: Celebrating 75 years of Wonder Woman w/ Susan Eisenberg!

In December of 1941, the Golden Age of comics introduced a character, although unforeseen at that time, that would become one of the staples of DC Comics with continuing influence on the world as we know it.

Wonder Woman.

Diana Prince was welcomed into the ‘verse as an Amazon champion who joined society and contributed to the welfare of citizens by battling crime and Nazis. While our hero’s story is one that has been subject to change throughout history, one thing stands: Wonder Woman is the hero all generations deserve and everything we can aspire to be.

(Susan's appearance on The Daly Show)

In honor of Wonder Woman’s 75th anniversary, we connected with actor Susan Eisenberg, who is known for voicing the treasured character, for a special celebratory interview.

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Getting to the beginning of Susan Eisenberg’s career, she studied theatre, singing, and acting while in college at American University and Tel Aviv University. From there, Susan further developed her talents at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in NYC where she studied acting and movement.

“I had thought I would pursue an on-camera acting career,” Susan reflected on her studies. “There was a comfort level in front of the microphone that I never felt in front of the camera.”

Just as Wonder Woman realized it was her time for new adventures away from home, upon actualization of her ideal career path, Susan made her way to UCLA to study voice acting.

“I believe acting classes are imperative for a career in voiceover because you're asked to be so many characters throughout a career. Whether it's voicing Wonder Woman or Louis Anderson's mother, you have to have tools to develop these characters like you would in any script. The voice is an instrument, and whether you're using it for singing, or VO, you need to know how to use it properly. You need to know what it's like to walk into an audition, slate your name, and give a read that'll get you the job. You need confidence in your ability, a sense that you not only belong in the room, but that you were meant to get the job. All that comes with having skills you get in class!”

In 2001, a new wave of the existing fandom was kickstarted through Justice League The Animated Series on Cartoon Network. Along with names like George Newburn, Phil LaMarr, Carl Lumbly, and Kevin Conroy, Susan Eisenberg joined the cast to bring Wonder Woman to life in a new dimension.

Justice League

“I auditioned for the role, and then got a callback for it at Warner Bros. Needless to say, I was both terrified and excited,” Susan shared when asked about her earliest WW memory. “At the audition, I spoke with Bruce Timm [the creator of the JUSTICE LEAGUE] and Andrea Romano [voice director] about their vision for Wonder Woman in the series, and then I read for them. I remember Bruce had a picture of her that he showed me before I read, and I fell in love with her right then and there! And when I drove home that day, I didn't know if I booked the job, but I did know that I gave it everything I had!”

Flash forward to the present, and here we are marveling over Susan’s work and the world is in agreement in the thought I’m not saying she’s Wonder Woman, but have you seen Susan and Wonder Woman in the same room?

For 75 years, Wonder Woman comes out on top as one of the most influential characters whose relevance has only strengthened now that fandom culture has grown exponentially over the years. With comic conventions as one of the most marked events on calendars for the geek community, Susan Eisenberg gets a chance to see the effect of Wonder Woman on fans firsthand.

"To sit at a table, or on a panel, and be able to meet people who love a character that I've been lucky enough to voice, and hear from them how much she has meant to them, well, that's just a tremendous gift! The fans have been exceedingly sweet, generous, and supportive with me, and I hope they know how grateful I am and how much I appreciate and adore them! At this point, we have a relationship, whether it's on Twitter, Instagram, or at the cons. And I can joke with them about my love for WonderBat."

As part of the Wonder Woman legacy, we asked Susan how her involvement has impacted her life:

"Voicing her for the last 15 years has had an enormous impact on me! At this point, I can honestly say she feels like a part of me, the best part of me. I often try to channel her, whether it's for a decision I have to make, or a stand I feel I should take. Having a place in her history, however small, is the greatest privilege and joy of my professional life!"

That place is not small at all! It's one thing to flip through the pages of a comic book, but it's a new level when you hear an inspirational character share words that society is due to hear. Call us bias, but there's something incredibly motivational about Susan's delivery of Wonder Woman lines. 

Wonder Woman Quote

While Wonder Woman is definitely an incredible role model for our daughters and all women in the world (as often associated with female empowerment), she's a role model for all.

"She's what we aspire to be, and what we yearn for in our heroes. She's kind, strong, empathetic, righteous, beautiful and fiercely loyal. I believe that in complicated and challenging times like we're in now, we need to know that there's a universe where Good triumphs over Evil, and where Justice prevails. Wonder Woman lives in that universe, and she embodies what is best about that universe!"


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All images are credited to Warner Bros. and Susan Eisenberg.


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