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This blog post is going to be a bit sad for me as it is the act of officially announcing that one of our most beloved and fierce Nerd Misfits is moving on to a new quest chain.

Molly Howe, our Necessary Evil at Espionage Cosmetics, is heading off to another adventure that will eventually return her to her homeland of California; a place where sunshine is aplenty and where she can be closer to family while pursuing new things.


Molly Espionage CosmeticsThe other part Molly’s new adventure is the determination to resume a previous objective: going back to school to get her MBA. Making all of this happen will require an obvious change in focus and means that Molly will be leaving her position at Espionage. Obviously, myself and the other Nerd Misfits would love nothing more than to keep her super powers of tech (and music puns) at EC, but we know that this is going to be such an incredible journey for our friend and co-worker. This week is Molly’s last at Espionage which allows her to wrap up her life in WA and get school squared away before heading back to Cali.

Seeing as we are saying farewell to one of our favorite people it only feels right to brag about just how awesome she is.

Molly has long been a conqueror of challenges and the magnitude of her determination has been a source of motivation for all of us. When she started at Espionage in 2014 she had just wrapped almost a decade in the US Marine Corps – and not that she needs any more points in the “badass” column of life… but she joined the Corps right out of high school. Spent her first Christmas away from home in Iraq. Carried weapons (and flags) bigger than she was. I could fill the rest of this blog with bullet points about that part of her life and how she made impressive look easy, but suffice to say:  Molly was a damn good Marine.

The first-time Molly worked with Espionage was almost 5 years ago when she flew in from Cali for a photo shoot.  She made a perfect Poison Ivy for our “Kiss of Death” lip serums shoot and while she knew none of us outside of a few emails, she managed to fit right in. I remember how quiet she was. Not stand off-ish, just quiet. Observing all of us nerds in our element. At some point during that day I was on the opposite side of the room with most of our crew. Applying glitter to another model while discussing just how amazing I thought glitter was and how it made everything more magical. It was a solid 5-7 minutes of me enthusing about sparkles to an audience. Then out of nowhere the tiny, quiet, redhead endeared herself to a room full of strangers with her eloquence “Glitter is the bacon of makeup”. <3 We all laughed for a few minutes and then vowed to have t-shirts made.

Molly Poison Ivy Espionage Cosmetics

A couple of years after that photoshoot Molly returned to Tacoma make her mark as the Necessary Evil at Espionage and proceeded to be a force of nature (and music puns) that we’ve all benefitted from being near.  Her impact in the Land of Glitter & Fandom has been vast and thorough. 

Molly has been one of the largest contributors to EC’s infrastructure and growth in the last few years. She has also been one of my closest friends and partner in crime.  We’ve spent a lot of hours together learning, doing things wrong, and then learning to do them better. I have never worked harder or longer with anyone else and I consider this a lucky break.  There is no shortage of sadness in me that this fierce  friend is heading out, but I know it will lead to amazing things because she will accept nothing less. She is about to kick a lot of ass all up in another part of the universe.

Thank you Molly!

The Nerd Misfits are going to be loudly cheering her on as she moves into another quest chain, but damn we are going to miss her.

Jaimie Cordero Espionage Cosmetics

P.S. We'll end this on a happy note with her cat Otis as Catdele because he's the most memeable of all cats.




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