We're about to enter 2017! W00T! Goodbye, 2016. We're ready for clean space in a new calendar/planner, MOAR Nerd Makeup, and MOAR Nerd Manicures. But the Nerd Misfits also have other things they are looking forward to doing in the new year. We rounded them up and took notes on favorite Nerd Manicure designs. Share with us your resolution and favorite designs in a comment below.

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Jaimie Cordero New Years Resolution
Molly's New Years Resolution
Amanda's New Years Resolution
Christal's New Years Resolution
Hillary's New Years Resolution
Julie's New Years Resolution
Jess's New Years Resolution
*Note: Resolutions subject to change.



Melissa Garner

Julie has such a great resolution! I don’t know why this can be so difficult!


<3 Especially the “resolutions subject to change”. That’s awesome.
Happy New Year Glitter Army! ????



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