Wonder Woman | Ani-Mia Cosplay

"Go in peace my daughter. And remember that, in a world of ordinary mortals, you are a Wonder Woman."

-Queen Hippolyte

We, the Nerd Misfits, are huge fans and advocates of "Casual Cosplay" whether it is taking pieces from the original costume design of a character and finding Muggle world versions of it, or even sporting a bamf shirt, leggings, with a statement accessory. 

Thank goodness that the evolution of the geek community and businesses accommodates our desire to constantly channel our interests through different outlets. For example, fashion!

We teamed up with SuperHeroStuff.com and cosplayer Ani-Mia for an #ootd made for the everyday Wonder Woman! Check out the photos and find details on where you can acquire these items at the end of the post. 


Ani-Mia Cosplay | Wonder Woman | SuperHeroStuff.com

Ani-Mia Cosplay | Wonder Woman | SuperHeroStuff.com



Makeup: Espionage Cosmetics lip serum in "Sugar"
Cuffs: Wonder Woman Cuff Bracelets from SuperHeroStuff.com
Shirt: Wonder Woman Vintage Logo from SuperHeroStuff.com 

Paired with black leggings, boots, and a jacket. 


Level up the look by pairing this outfit with an easily justified manicure!

League of Justice Nails 

Glitter Army Mailing List



Viki S

Superherostuff.com has a cool WW plate type necklace in gold & red that goes great w/ a WW theme. Grab a great gold tiara w/ red star (& hair clips) at Halloweencostumes.com. I’m a WW fan, can you tell?

Melissa Garner

Love, love, love the cuffs!


Super cute cuffs! I think I’m gonna grab some to watch the movie, lol

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