KeiraSera Cosplays as Saskia from Witcher

Sometimes achieving authenticity in a costume requires thinking outside of the box. Sometimes having wild creatures as familiars is just what the Witcher ordered!

KeiraSera Cosplay just so happens to be a wolf whisperer by day and sword-wielding warrior woman by night. She recently took on Saskia from the video game The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings. She was drawn to Saskia's strength and the way she can command a room chock full of powerful people without batting an eyelash. Worbla, a thermoplastic popular amongst the cosplay community, was her material of choice for the armor:

"I love the ability to create an outfit that looks like it's not only from a different time, but would normally weigh a tremendous amount."

We hear that! There's something incredibly empowering about feeling the weight of armor on your shoulders and the sway of chainmail at your hips.

KeiraSera Cosplay w/ Wolf "Duna"KeiraSera also took a very unique approach to weathering the pieces, her favorite part of the building process! This is where you start seeing the character come to life. She went in with different shades and textures to achieve that "grimy, worn feel of armor that has seen battle time." Our absolute favorite part though is what follows! She prefers to do natural weathering when she can, whether that be "rolling around in the forest" or garnering assistance from wild creatures like Duna (the one year old Wolf affectionately pictured with KeiraSera). She works at a zoological facility, raising wolves, cougars, and tigers. The red leather skirting that Saskia wears is torn and frayed. What better way to attain that realism than providing these beautiful creatures with enrichment for the day? That's just what KeiraSera did! Under her supervision, they groomed, scratched, and put a few well placed bite marks into her costume leather. Now how's that for authenticity?!!

Overall, this build took KeiraSera about a month to complete and was also her first attempt at a full armor set. We saw this costume in person and it's downright fierce! She absolutely killed it, proving that badassery is achievable for those that are willing to toss aside their fears and do the damn thang! Even if you don't run with a pack of wolves...grab that cheese grater and weather away!

KeiraSera Cosplay as Saskia from Witcher 2




KeiraSera Cosplay as Saskia from Witcher 2

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For more of her work or to peep progress on her upcoming Warlock build from Destiny's "Rise of Iron" DLC, find KeiraSera Cosplay on FB, Twitter & Tumblr.

Cosplay photos taken by Krashly.    

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