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THE NEW NEXUS: What's New in Monthly #NailMail!

  • By Hillary J

THE NEW NEXUS: What's New in Monthly #NailMail!

Our NEXUS nail wrap subscription that ships 2 brand new Nerd Manicures to your doorstep every month is being revamped! We've been brainstorming and working on ways to improve this experience, make it more customizable, more affordable, and overall...just show our subscribers how much we appreciate them. Quite a few things are changing, so we wanted to outline it all as clearly as possible.

PLEASE NOTE: Some of these features do not go into effect immediately. The GAMING variant is not yet available, please stay tuned.

Alright, what's changing?! Let's break it down...


  • You could subscribe to one or both
  • 2 nail wraps per subscription 
  • $15.00 plus shipping per subscription
  • Shipping USED to be $4.00 per subscription for US and $12.00 per subscription for International
  • Addon a BOOSTER PACK for $7.00 (and a small shipping fee)
  • Option of 1, 3, 6, or 12 month subscriptions 
  • Had to contact us to easily skip themes, renewals, or swap from Original to Literary and vice versa
  • No freedom to choose wraps within your subscription
  • Vote on your favorite nail design each month
  • Losing nail wrap would go into Mystery Wraps while winning design joins our line
  • Subscribers had exclusive access to losing designs for a limited time


  • NEXUS has been mashed into ONE subscription
  • 2 nail wraps per subscription 
  • $15.00 and FREE shipping for all US customers
  • $15.00 and $5.00 flat rate shipping for all International customers
  • Prepaid options have been removed, but with good reason! (A 3 month prepaid GIFT option will be available only.)
  • By only offering month-to-month subscriptions, you can now EASILY skip a theme, renewal, or swap your variants at will within your own customer portal!
  • YOU choose which nail wrap variants will be included within your subscription!
  • Each month will present 1 new Original, Literary, and Gaming (COMING SOON) variant for you to choose from!
  • The Gaming option will replace our previous Booster Pack addons, which were mostly gaming anyways ;]
  • View teasers and/or fandoms each month to see which variant speaks to you!
  • This is the super exciting part! NEXUS still includes 2 nail wraps, but now choose which two nail wrap variants you receive! Do you want 1 Original wrap and 1 Literary wrap? 2 Literary wraps because you love the fandom so much this month?
  • Vote on your favorite nail design each month
  • The winning design will join our line AND be 25% OFF for a full month
  • NEW SUBSCRIBER PERKS: All active subscribers will enjoy 25% OFF all NEXUS wraps, so yeah...winning designs will be 50% OFF for you for that month of awesomeness! 


*Please reach out at if you have any other questions or concerns! ALL EXISTING ACCOUNTS HAVE NOW BEEN UPDATED AS OF 9/24/18 TO THE NEW NEXUS.

Wait. How does this affect me if I currently subscribe?



  • Please do not take any action. Your NEXUS was easily converted to the New NEXUS. You are all set! 


  • There really is no need to subscribe to both separately moving forward. You will have the option to choose your nail wrap variant each theme, you can choose to receive the 1 Original wrap and 1 Literary wrap. You still CAN receive two of the same subscription if you so choose, but know that you will have far more freedom with the one subscription now. So, one of your subscriptions was cancelled due to this. Please don't fret, you'll still be receiving the New NEXUS as normal. *IF your shipment already queued for the version that was cancelled, your account has been credited for one free month of the New NEXUS. It will auto-apply to your next renewal if this applies to you. 


    • These are slightly more complicated, which is why we have made the decision to remove them from our options moving forward. That may seem like a bummer at first, but we'll explain why we've chosen to get rid of them. The number one reason is that the prepaid intervals remove your ability to skip a theme if you just aren't feeling it that month. It's a technicality, but one that is most inconvenient. We've skipped themes in the past for people that have written in, but when we also have to separately update shipping dates on the 10 remaining shipments as a result,'s just becoming impractical for our team to keep up with. We want you guys to enjoy every theme and nail wrap you receive, so this just makes sense for us at this time! Additionally, since we're finally able to offer FREE SHIPPING on all domestic NEXUS orders and heavily discounted shipping for all international folks, we feel like we're taking strides here to make up for the prepaid savings! We've been working towards free shipping for a while now! Lastly, new ongoing subscriber perks have been put into place to help you save even more.❤️
    • Ah, yes, so what does this mean? Your prepaid options HAVE BEEN CANCELLED. Please do not fret! You've been all setup with the New NEXUS and ALL of your owed shipments have been credited to your account and will auto-apply to your next renewals. For some, this is quite a bit!!! No additional action is required on your part!


    Okay. How do I skip a shipment if I'm not into this month's theme?


    ✖️Please login to your account by clicking the icon as pictured!

    ✖️Scroll down until you see "Manage Subscriptions" and click that bad boy.

     ✖️Select "Delivery schedule".

    ✖️Click "Skip" next to the shipment that you would like to hop over. You can "Unskip" at any time before the date pictured if you should change your mind! Please note: You must skip BEFORE the date pictured or your order will queue as normal. Since you can choose your own renewal date, the date in which your order queues for shipment can vary. Keep this in mind when determining which shipment to skip. *For example, every new theme begins on the 18th of the previous month and ends on the 17th of the current month. So, if you want to skip October's theme then you must skip your order that is queued anywhere from September 18th - October 17th. That's the window in which orders for October will queue and then they will ship October 20th-30th. Any order queued from October 18th - November 17th will be for the November theme.


    How do I swap my nail wrap variants? I want to be prepared for this magical feature!


    *Please note: This will not be available right away, but SOON we are introducing the "Gaming" variant which will replace our Booster Pack addon.


    ✖️Please login to your account by clicking the icon as pictured!

    ✖️Scroll down until you see "Manage Subscriptions" and clicky.

     ✖️Click "Edit" and pay attention to your next charge date! That's when your order will queue for shipment and you want to be sure to swap your variant before that date.

    ✖️Click "Change product variant" and you'll be presented with a drop-down menu where you can choose your new options! Which two nail wraps do you want to receive this round?




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