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6 years of Espionage marks a new beginning for 'Nerd Makeup'

  • By Jaimie - Glitter Jedi & Leader of the Nerd Misfits
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6 years of Espionage marks a new beginning for 'Nerd Makeup'

This month marks Espionage’s 6th birthday. For 2,192 days, we’ve been a thing! 1000s of galleons worth of Nerd Makeup & Manicures sold. 1000s of qelI'qams travelled all over the Northern Hemisphere for conventions, photoshoots, and collaborations. Not a rel has been wasted as the Nerd Misfits and I have dreamt things and then made them happen. We’ve brainstormed and then executed. It’s been a crazy and adventure-laden ride through the learning curves, failures, and high-fives that are part of managing a growing company and are inherent when you decide to make something a thing that wasn’t a thing in the first place.

Everything Shadows by Espionage Cosmetics - Retired

Gamer Girl Collection by Espionage Cosmetics | Retired

Over-emotional share because my feelings have feelings today:
Last week, I sat in my office sharing some new, unreleased products with my brother Ben. I sat there sending off photos of these colorful, glittery, ridiculous things and was overwhelmed knowing the intense amount of luck I’d clearly been alotted in the last 6 years… Then a solid 10 minutes of (good) crying happened. I was moved to tears because THIS IS MY LIFE. I get to make products for nerds like me and I get a front row seat to the changes, growth, and general shenanigans. I may work a stupid number of hours but not one second isn’t worth it. My job entails working whilst surrounded by fandoms I love and humans that I respect deeply. I get to collaborate with brilliant creatives that have had a hand in forming many a universe that I have escaped to in books, comics, movies, and games. Not only is it MY job, but it is now providing jobs for fellow nerds who have poured their own variety of magic into Espionage and its successes. Something like what we are doing today at EC HQ was unthinkable 10 years ago. Hell. It was unthinkable even 5 years ago. I had no idea what this would morph into. Myself and the Nerd Misfits are nerds for a living. Thanks for being part of the customer base and community that has made that happen.

Nerd Misfits for a living

PRESENT DAY. We are finally ready to release the product we’ve been science’ing for a long while. Espionage is now queuing up for a new adventure: NERD MAKEUP palettes! YAAAAASSS!  Myself and the Nerd Misfits are so gorram excited for this day! Today, we launch pre-orders for the next level of our Nerd Makeup line. We’ve chosen to release these two collections first because the themes are near and dear to our hearts. The new Colovaria Palette and the new RPG Palette are reasonably summed up in two words: Magic & Adventure. I feel like Espionage manages to land in the Magic & Adventure columns pretty solidly. 

RPG Collection

Preorders start NOW and we’ve also decided to add some + to awesome for early birds who preorder their palette(s)! STRETCH GOALS! Huzzah! Basically, we’ve set up our system to trigger BONUS content/swag when certain quantities have been sold! Each time we hit a mark a new bonus is added to all pre-orders! We have everything from brand new Nerd Misfit Face Charts to exclusive buttons to unlocking the option of voting on what Nerd Makeup palette theme we release next. Palettes and any tangible bonuses unlocked with stretch goals will be shipped together starting on or before August 20th!

You can see all of the details about The Colorvaria Palette HERE and details about The RPG Palette are right HERE. We have super limited quantities of each collection so it’s not advisable to wait it out. If you have questions you can always post them here or email us at!

 P.S. If you are so inclined there is a gallery below showing snippets of our company's journey from the first convention to present day Espionage Cosmetics. 

Jaimie Cordero Espionage Cosmetics

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