In Episode 16, the Nerd Misfits announce all kinds of exciting news! Jaimie is back and tells us about her trip. The team reveals a long awaited new Espionage product, and tells you how to enter our new Giveaway!


- Pallet preorders are on now! The more orders placed, the more goodies everyone is going to get. To place your order, click HERE!

- Great News! As promised 22 tip nail wraps are a thing! Get to The Choppa and get yours NOW!

- The 22 tips are available in EC Favorites as well as Brand New Designs!! For moar information, visit our blog post about the NEW 22! 

- Jaimie talks about her trip to China and shows off the glitter key (aka the Glitter Bible) she received while there.

- We want to see pictures of your Boom!Box! Tag your unboxing pictures with #Post4Boom for a chance to win a Free box!

- Jaimie shares a spoiler from the May BOOM!Box and Hillary gets teased for her love of Twinkies.

- Jaimie rages that Hillary and Christal don't know who Krang is and threatens to not take them to see Wonder Woman.

- The Espionage Cosmetics Logo has been revamped!

- Enter for a chance to win some of the new 22-tip Nail Wraps by sharing the Facebook post going up today as well through the pop quiz about today's live stream!

- Christal asks for thoughts on Covenant and the team discusses their feelings on the Aliens movies.

- Christal's list of celebrity crushes keeps growing.

- The Nerd Misfits share some fan mail they received

- Christal and Jaimie argue over which house they think Hillary belongs in (Hillary and Jaimie say Slytherin, Christal says Griffindor). The sorting hat said Griffindor twice and Slytherin three times.



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