In Episode 18, the Nerd Misfits show off some of the art from our first private event! They also discuss future events and deadlines that are closing in for pre-orders!



- A re-cap on our Nerd's Night Out, wine and painting! The first ticketed even at our Geek Boutique was lead by "The little Vampire" comics artist Rebecca Hicks was a huge success! 

- Hair and Make-Up Events are coming up! Hands on tutorials along with a few pictures taken to show off your new skills!

- The First Annual Espionage Cosmetics Yard Sale is coming up quickly so make sure to mark your calendars so not to miss out on all the sweet loots up for grabs on July 15th and 16th from 12 - 5 PM!

- Jaimie burned her taste buds off while drinking from her "Dunder-Mifflin" coffee mug.

- Jaimie talks about why we decided to go with the new Espionage Cosmetics logo!

- Pallet Giveaway! 3 winners, what they receive, and how! For more info, click HERE!

- Pallets and all of the goodies that you can unlock when pre-ordering them! Hurry over, before July 14th to reserve yours!

- Jaimie reminds everyone (in the sweetest way) that if you are waiting on an email from us, make sure to check your junk/spam folders!

- Jaimie and Christal talk about the show "Glow" and why they love it! Macho Man Randy Savage is mentioned and you can see Jaimie swoon while she takes you on a trip through memory lane.

- Click HERE to watch Jaimie's favorite video of Macho Man Randy Savage.

- Swan Princess nail wraps coming soon! "Maybe go sign up for the thing..." for exclusive updates!

- Prep for San Diego Comic Con "Her Universe" Hot Topic hair and makeup show in 2 weeks. 

- Signature crazy faces are discussed for selfies.

- Jaimie explains the science behind our shipping fees.

- We are going to be at Stan Lee's birthday party! For ticket info, click HERE!

- Jaimie talks about her run in with Kevin Smith.

- Ben and Kyle participated in The Gambler and their car shows an eerie resemblance to the car from "Idiocracy". Google pics at your own risk!

- We are bringing in a new Nerd Misfit! For more info click HERE

- All of the new 22 wraps are up for pre-order HERE!

- We do custom and exclusive wraps for all of the things (minimum order of 250)! We make magic happen!

- A close up on Mechagodzilla and his potential make over.






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