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In the name of the MOON, the next round of NEXUS OP is here!

  • By Espionage Cosmetics

In the name of the MOON, the next round of NEXUS OP is here!

NEXUS OP is a random spawn Nerd Manicure event and this one spawned just in time for our birthday! This bundle of nail wraps features two brand new and exclusive fandom-inspired designs! Grab it for a limited time at special pricing and be the first to own these colorfully sweet moonlight legends! 
**Keep in mind that active NEXUS subscribers get 50% OFF the list price when it first spawns! If you're too late to nab it, then you'll have to pay an elevated price here for this super special Nerd Manicure pack while supplies last!

How long will this Nexus OP theme be available?

There is no set time for this round of Nexus OP to remain available. It is a randomly spawning... and disappearing event of Nerd Manicures! Which means that the most we can tell you is once this round is wrapped up (or sold out) it will be hidden and cannot be accessed again. So if you want in, don't wait!

When does this round of Nexus OP ship?

NEXUS OP is open for orders until June 1st and will begin shipping June 5th. Please note that anything ordered w/ NEXUS OP will ship starting on June 5th.



Your clue to this round's theme...

When you are trying to process what is happening...



When it finally sinks in. IT'S REALLY HAPPENING!
When you realize you have to wait for that ship date...
That feeling when you finally get it!
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