In Episode 9, Christal has left the Espionage team high and dry with no tea, shenanigans trivia questions, and still no grilled cheese for Hillary. --__--




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- Mass Effect: Andromeda releases on the 21st and everyone should take a sick day, but be sure to catch a new related blog post on the 20th! Find it HERE once live.

- Our current list of Top Coats that work well with Espionage wraps can be found HERE. Be sure to write in if you find one that you love that are not on the list!

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- This week's Share to Unlock: 50 shares mean two retired designs to be brought back from the Espionage Vault! Peek-a-Boo Cats and Baker Street!

Number of shares on this weeks Episode: 27 ....Whomp whomp whommmp!

-Convince ReedPop that you want to see Fandom hair and makeup panels at C2E2!!

- Our playlist is epic. 

-Mechagodzilla takes over our Facebook Messenger. 


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-Jaimie, Hillary, and Julie show off their Nexus OP House wraps!

-Julie talks more about her adventures in family life in Stardew Valley. The Dark Shrine of Selfishness has been unlocked! Check that shrine out!

Shrine of Selfishness!

 -Don't forget to check out Nerd Makeup Ambassador Dawn aka Bangbangbetty1 with her latest LIVE makeup demo below!







And then it took you mentioning it again for me to see the link. Somehow missed it the first time. I feel silly.


I loved your Spotify playlist, where can I find it?

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