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A hunter's kit packed with 5 hints for the next NEXUS OP!

  • By Espionage Cosmetics

A hunter's kit packed with 5 hints for the next NEXUS OP!

NEXUS OP: Overpowered with your favorite fandoms!

What on Earth does this mean? 

Earlier this year, we announced major updates to the BOOM!Box and NEXUS, but we also introduced NEXUS OP! Think of it as the shiny event version of the NEXUS that spawns every so often. You can find more information on our website: Click Here. This current spawning of Nexus OP includes TWO brand new, fandom focused, nail wrap designs. Both of which are exclusive to participants in this round! 

How long will this Nexus OP theme be available?

There is no set time for this round of Nexus OP to remain available. It is a randomly spawning... and disappearing event of Nerd Manicures! Which means that the most we can tell you is once this round is wrapped up (or sold out) it will be hidden and cannot be accessed again. So if you want in, don't wait!

When does this round of Nexus OP ship?

Our minions will be sending out this round of Nexus OP starting May 20th!

What was the last NEXUS OP?

We dropped some "vague" hints for the first NEXUS OP. Customers were pleased to find the first wave of Fandom Infused Nerd Manicures of the NEXUS OP variety allowed for showing your House Pride. Want to see? Click Here

So what are the hints for the next NEXUS OP? 

Let's pop open the trunk and find the right tools to hunt down those nail wraps shall we? Your theme hints are as follows....











Pro Tip on a HUGE perk If you are an active BOOM!Box or Nexus subscriber:

You get an automatic 50% off Nexus OP if you are logged into your account! that 50% off applies to the Nexus OP and there are no limits to how many you order just that the discount can only be used once.


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