Weekly Nerd Misfit RECAP Ep. 7

  • By Amanda - Graphic Design & Marketing Demi-God

Weekly Nerd Misfit RECAP Ep. 7

In Episode 7, Hillary steps in while Jaimie is sick to join Christal and deliver updates LIVE from HQ! Watch the video or read the quick recap below!



- NEXUS and NEXUS OP subscribers/purchasers can start keeping an eye out for shipping confirmations come March 7th-ish. An e-mail will go out earlier than that with updates! 

- Jaimie is sick, so Hillary and Christal took it upon themselves to make get well soon cards for their work mom. Poorly, we might add.

- Christal and Hillary (and Julie) cover some recently viewed movies and shows on Netflix and Amazon. 

- Apparently, GIF is pronounced "JIF" but we're not about that life. It's GIF. With a "ga"....

- Espionage Cosmetics will be at Emerald City Comicon BOOTH #102.

- At ECCC, there are two panels you can find us at:

- Nerd Makeup Ambassadors are set to be on Syfy's Cosplay Melee.

- Nebulae is back IN STOCK.

- It doesn't matter if you're part of our #GlitterArmy mailing list. If you want to hear about pre-orders opening for the Colovaria and RPG palettes, you have to sign up for alerts HERE and HERE.

- Chris Evans creates escape room out of comic book store, and it is the funniest thing. We wish that was us helping.

- Christal wants to own and finally play Betrayal At House On The Hill after watching this Tabletop episode ages ago.

- Hillary had an epic cosplay as part of a fun cosplay group at Katsucon. That's her on the far right below. // Photo by Mineralblu Photography (Click image for cosplayer listing)

Photo by Mineralblu Photography

- Live stream viewers share up to the goal of 35 shares unlocking Hillary getting a pie to the face on our next weekly (HQ) live update!


Tune into our Weekly Nerd Misfit Update every Thursday at 5 PM (PST) on Facebook! On March 2nd, we won't be running our live stream, but we promise to live stream from ECCC if we get the chance! XOXO

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