In episode 8, Nerd Misfit pal Emily (@jedijuggler) joins Jaimie, Christal, and Hillary for more weirdness LIVE from Espionage Cosmetics HQ.




- NEXUS and NEXUS OP have been shipped so if you've been waiting, check your inboxes for tracking information!


- The Nerd Misfits returned from Emerald City Comicon and discussed some of their favorite moments. 

Newt Scamander and Niffler cosplay at Emerald City Comicon.

- At Emerald City Comicon, Espionage Cosmetics had a panel focusing on Casual Cosplay: Fandom Infused Hair & Makeup. You can follow its happenings under the hashtag #NerdMakeupECCC on Twitter. // Want this at a con near you? Make noise at them!

- Excited for Game of Thrones premiere on July 16th. HBO had an epic live stream to reveal the date. 

- Rack up achievement points on our website because they equal spendable cash!

- The Little Vampires Kickstarter ends on March 17th and it is filled with cute and epic fun!

- Birds of a Feather is the next NEXUS theme! Huzzah!!!

Birds of a Feather NEXUS

- Jaimie and Emily talk about the beautiful setup at ECCC in memory of Carrie Fisher. 

- Jaimie wants to cosplay Queen Taramis from Conan.

Also, this is the most amazing thing EVARRRRR: Voice actors read out Return of the Jedi in different character voices.



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