In Episode 10, Vicky Barcelona goings the Nerd Misfits for craziness and laughter LIVE from Espionage Cosmetics HQ.





- The team reminisces about nerdy poetry and Doug’s sister Judy


- This weeks share to unlock – 40 share and Christal and Hillary will have a sushi eating competition. Who ever finishes first will release an awesome discount code. This weeks share count: 24 :(

- Hillary and Christal are road tripping to Calgary Expo! Where Hillary is hoping to meet the love of her life Bob Morley ❤  and Christal is looking forward to meeting Christopher Lambert and Adrian Paul of Highlander.

- Vicky impresses the Nerd Misfits with her Game of Thrones knowledge 

- We discuss the pros and cons of Tom Hiddleston in Kong.

- Christal is getting caught up on Westworld, and the Nerd misfits are having a hard time not giving away too much.

- Jaimie gets judged hard core for not liking Guardians of the Galaxy

- Hillary just got back from her break playing Mass Effect Andromeda. She’s loving it and says everyone should give it a try!

- Beauty and the Beast. We saw it! We loved it! Might be a little over whelming for a one year old lol

- Christal is not happy with the upcoming live action Mulan not being a musical.

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- Vicky has been pronounced a better moderator than Hillary!

- No BOOM!box spoilers yet!

- First Class shipping is Back at Espionage Cosmetics!

- New Death Note Live Action show is coming and it’s based in Seattle!

- Espionage Cosmetics Anniversaries! Christal - 4 years, Julie - 3 years, Hillary 1 year.

- In stock Notifications are now a thing! You can now get updated when your favorite design comes back in stock.

- The Nerd Misfits live is moving to a new date and time. Come join us Tuesdays at Noon starting March 28th, 2017!

- Our playlist is epic

- Check out the new Guardian of the Galaxy Poster Chris Pratt posted on his Facebook!

- Processing verses Shipping time frames. Processes time is how long it takes for your order to be packaged and ready to ship. Shipping time is how long it takes the Post Office to get it to your door.

- Check out Pugs on Parade HERE!

- Check out Joe Manganiello Playing DUNGEONS & DRAGONS with Nerdist and Critical Role, HERE!

- April Nexus theme announced!! "Keeping Track" Whovians sign up HERE!

- Vicky and the Nerd Misfits talk about how they first met

- Remember to check out Nerd Makeup Ambassador Jae Chaeos with her latest LIVE makeup demo below!





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