In Episode 11, It's lunch time tea LIVE from Espionage Cosmetics HQ.




- Hillary learns how to turn the speaker off on Christals laptop

- Christal and Hillary gave sad eyes to Jaimie to get the Sushi Challenge extended

- Christal is on the last episode of Westworld and she is messed up emotionally

-  Check out the Lantern made for the Boom!box by Geekify!

- If you haven't yet, check out the new Spider-Man: Homecoming Trailer!

- Enter for a chance to win a signed print from Mass Effect voice actor Mark Meer HERE!

- Jaimie teased that palette preorders will go live-ish very soon! Keep an eye out! 

- Nexus OP subscribers will be able to purchase extra house wraps soon!!

- For information on Nexus OP visit our page HERE!

- Joint us for our 6th Birthday EVENT!

- A Nerd Misfit pet calendar needs to happen. The people have spoken.

- Sign up for the "Keeping Track" Nexus theme NOW!

- Christal gets bummed out reminiscing about the 65th anniversary of Singin' in the Rain

- For great resources for mental health issues, visit Carrie Fishers site HERE!

- Restock Notifications are now a thing!! Sign up to get notified when your favorite design is back in stock!

- Christal saw the new Power Rangers Movie and shares her thoughts

- Review us on Facebook and Google to get a $5 coupon code!

- Nerd Makeup Ambassador Jackie Craft Cosplay will be on tonight's episode of Cosplay Melee on Syfy!

- Test Drives are for people who have never ordered with us before. Skynet is keeping tabs and cross-referencing accounts, so don't be that guy.

- Christal mistakes Kevin Smith for Kevin Hart while talking about the new Jumanji movie.

- Tune in next week for Godzilla vs Mecha Godzilla in an epic showdown!


- Check out Our playlist it's epic

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