In the 12th episode of the Nerd Misfit Weekly Update series, Hillary gets more camera time and joins Jaimie since Christal is le sick (but moderating). ALSO, a giveaway launches in a Pop Quiz fashion so take notes as you watch this livecast! You could possibly win Make It So and Time Lord nail wraps, a NEXUS OP, and more!


- Just FYI, the information needed for the Pop Quiz Giveaway cannot be found in the written overview. :) Nice try!

- Some guy made a lightsaber....sort of: CLICK HERE

- April Fool's Day was out of control from Sinbad in "Shazaam" to Netflix's fake live commentary

- The A-MAZE-ING Lantern created for the BOOM!Box by Geekify Inc. is a thing of beauty.

- Christal's sickness behind the camera sounds really weird.

- Jaimie questions where Christal gathers information because the internetz is weird.

- We're stoked for the Wonder Woman Collection that is being released with Hot Topic by Her Universe.

- Jaimie talks potential conventions in 2018.

- Potential BOOM!Box or NEXUS subscribers can find a countdown for signups on the website.

- Reviews, reviews, reviews! That's a great $5 code opportunity there.

- Information on NEXUS OP (fandom Nerd Manicures) can be found by clicking here.

- Espionage Cosmetics is going to Sakura-Con!

- The next BOOM!Box will have a shirt exclusive made with Jordan Dene!

- If you participated in NEXUS OP, we'll have House bundles available soon. 


Espionage Cosmetics at Sakura Con







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That Wonder Woman collection from Her Universe is to die for! HeartEyes

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