In Episode 13, the Nerd Misfits discuss essential oils, how Jaimie and Christal first met, the Nerd Misfurs, and moar! There will be a Quiz later with a chance to win prizes, so be sure to take note!




- It's National Pet day and Christal put together a collage of the Nerd Misfits pets


- Espionage Cosmetics will be at Sakura-Con at booth #107!!


Espionage Cosmetics at Sakura Con

- Curbside pick up is a thing, if you are in the Tacoma area. Skip waiting for the mail and pick up your order at the Geek Boutique!

- The Geek Boutique will be open May 6th for Espionage Cosmetics 6th Birthday! For more information visit our event page HERE!

- Christal and Hillary discuss their trip to Calgary

- Jaimie predicts that Christal and Hillary's trip to Calgary will end in a phone call asking for bail after they get super awkward talking to their celebrity crushes.

- Christal is having a hard time with her nail wraps being mismatched 

- Giveaway!  Enter HERE for a chance to win a signed book from Marissa Meyer, exclusive Wires and Nerve nail wraps, and an exclusive Wires and Nerve makeup bag!

- Enter for a chance to win a signed print from Mass Effect voice actor Mark Meer HERE!

- Christal wants to talk about season 8 of Archer, but doesn't want to enter the DANGER ZONE! of spoilers.

- If you like Stranger Things, Christal recommends checking out "I am not a serial killer" on Netflix.

- Jaimie, Hillary, and Christal discuss what fantasy world they would like to visit

- If you have something you would like to see on our site, email support. We are keeping track of customer suggestions. 

- Be sure to check out all of the amazing geeky offerings at GEEKIFY

- Epic showdown between Godzilla and Mecha Godzilla results in Godzilla falling over and Hillary declaring Mecha Godzilla the winner!









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