In Episode 14, Nerd Makeup Ambassador Dawn (Bang Bang Betty) joins the Nerd Misfits for Beauty pageant hair, Pallet updates, and Moar.



- It's April 24th and we are turning Hillary into Miss Rhode Island!


- Palette preorders are about to happen!! If you haven't signed up for alerts, DO IT NOW!!

- Hillary and Christal leave in three days for Calgary Comic Expo!

- Nexus OP is Live! For hints on this rounds theme, click HERE!

- Active Nexus and BOOM!Box subscribers get 50% off the Nexus OP!

- Turns out Disney is pretty strict about weddings in the park. 

- Join us at 2pm today for the REAL hair nd makeup demo with Bang Bang Betty

- The Weekly Nerd Misfit recap is moving to Bi-Weekly.

- Hillary is working on a Cosplay of Aloy from Horizon Zero Dawn

- The everything shadows are almost completely gone. Check out what's still available HERE!

- Jaimie "pageant Mom"s Hillary and saves her from a Tiara Bomb!


- Espionage Cosmetics is turning 6 next week. If you will be in the Tacoma area, come to our May 6th. For more information visit our event page.

- Nerd Makeup Ambassador Jae Chaos will be turning into Peter Pan on her next Makeup Tutorial 

- Congratulations to the Mark Meer giveaway winners!

- The Marrisa Meyer giveaway is still going. Enter HERE for your chance to win!

- Jaimie gets real about the Starbucks Unicorn Frappuccino. What were your thoughts?

- Hillary and Christal discuss travel snacks

- The Nerd Misfits talk about the Jyn Erso cosplayer giving away Death Star plans at the Star Wars Celebration. Read the article HERE

-  Kel Mitchel and Asia Lee's Good Burger pregnancy announcement is the best!

- The prize for this weeks Live Feed Pop-Quiz is a Bundle of Nexus losing designs.





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