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BY: ALLE at xoVain

Growing up as a nerdy girl, I felt like a lonely freak. Nobody else shared my interests, or if they did, they told me I was probably just faking them to impress boys. Which is why as an adult, I’m so happy to find my people--women who are passionate about what they do, who love the things that I love and who know that an encyclopedic knowledge of Lord of the Rings and flawless eyeliner game are not mutually exclusive.

So if you want to Sherlock your nail game or wear NASA-accurate galaxies on your fingers, I suggest you check out Espionage’s Kickstarter and help get the word out. Not only will you be supporting an awesome independent cosmetics company, but you’ll be getting a superlative product: I’ve been wearing these nail stickers for 10 days now, and there’s only the tiniest amount of wear at the tips. And you guys KNOW how picky I am about my nail game!

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