Nerd Makeup Palette from Espionage Cosmetics

Last holiday season we announced the transition to pressed powders, discontinuing our beloved everything shadows. The ridiculously photogenic Nerd Makeup Color Palettes were added to our product line in May of 2017, and August 2017 marked the arrival of the RPG and Colovaria palettes into their new homes.  

And there was much rejoicing...

Nerd Makeup Palettes from Espionage Cosmetics

Our annual tradition of announcing the brand-new ++awesome Espionage products into the 'verse continues in 2017, and this one is by far our most "ZOMG new stuff!!!" announcement to-date (in my personal, and heavily biased opinion). This year we are not only unveiling the future of Nerd Makeup, but we also activating PRE-SALES of this exciting new product before the end of this month! After a 3-year process of R&D, I havent been this excited about a new Espionage product since we launched our Kickstarter for the Nerd Manicures back in 2013.  

The new Espionage goods opening up for pre-orders shortly are technically TWO new products. One of which is the frequently requested option of single color pressed powder shadows!  

So, here we are. Me being all vague and what not. You, likely yelling at your screen something along thlines of “FOR THE LOVE OF GOD WOMAN! JUST MAKE WITH THE GORRAM ANNOUNCMENT!” 

I'm thrilled to introduce the Cartridge Compact: Power up your Nerd Makeup with the latest from Espionage Cosmetics! These fun Cartridge Compacts easily fit in your pocket, conveniently hold our exclusive pressed eyeshadows, and most importantly, look rad as heck!

Compact Cartridge from Espionage Cosmetics!

The collective voice of our customers has been heard, noted, and acted on. We can't wait to show you the new colors and exclusive cartridge designs. More details on those soon! Be sure to sign up for our alerts HERE to be the first to find out when you can snag these beauties, and watch our social media and website for news, announcements, and GIVEAWAYS!

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Jaimie Cordero
The Glitter Jedi @ Espionage Cosmetics




This is amazing!!!! I always wanted video game themed make up as well as anime! Awesome!!

Lorilei Potvin

Exactly the type of Makeup, I have been looking for! Are You People sure You’re NOT mind readers because I’ve also been looking for an affordable monthly subscription idea to treat myself, every month too, ?



Erin H

Very cool!


I can’t wait to see them!


Very cool


These look awesome!


The packaging is amazing!

Carrie Smigs

These look so fun!!! I grew up playing Nintendo (well a bit of Atari first) and I love the design! I can’t wait!

Celena Smith

These are so awesome! As a 90s baby and avid video game player (and now a total makeup geek) these are a MUST HAVE


If only I could afford them all ?


ill need them all

Ashley W.

I absolutely love these— If I could make a suggestion, though, it would be to have a cartridge with 4 smaller pans inside, so that you can carry round your favorite shades and not just one! <3

Anna Herrera

I think I cried a little when I saw the Zelda cartridge. :D

Danielle Grayson

This is such a clever idea! I can’t wait to get some!


Omg so cute!!!


This whole concept is amazing!!


Fun design :)

Stephanie Hamm

I want all of this.

Amber Drummond

I cant wait to have Zelda or Pacman for my little makeup carry alongs!


Pretty cute

Jennifer Wood

I need this.


Give me all the Zelda stuff!


I can’t wait for these. They’re so cool!


Very cute really want

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