During our Kickstarter in 2014 "But Wait! There's MOAR!" we made a commitment to begin R&D for more and/or smaller nail wrap sizes. We didn't put a timeline on launching them, but we didn't forget about the promise made. Over the last 2-ish years we've been tinkering with sizing, tooling, and production to make this happen. We can now proudly say : PROMISE KEPT!  Our current style of nail wrap includes 14 tips in each package. The new style has a total of 22!

Introducing the NEW 22!

Espionage Cosmetics Nerd Manicure New 22

Seeing that it is Espionage Cosmetics' birthday month, we've decided to amplify the excite for you, the #GlitterArmy! 11 varying sizes will be available for your Nerd Manicure needs. That means 22 nail wraps in one pack. 

How about some more pros to this change?

- The obvious....more sizes available!
- Mini nail file included (YAAASSSS!)
- Saves on paper. +1 revival for trees! The comic strip instructional that comes with every nail wrap package is printed on vacuum sealed packaging rather than a standalone insert.
- Cost not affected by the new design!
- Not all designs will be immediately affected by the new packaging, but it's our goal to get to that point! We're starting the transition with 30 designs that are a combination of new designs and customer favorites! :)



Let's rewind... 

That's right! You're looking at the new logo for Espionage Cosmetics. The design follows the route Sam Skyler Art took with the Nerd Makeup palettes in that the iconography represents different facets of nerd-dom!

Now that we've got that covered, let's resume our regular programming of "SQUEE! NEW THINGS!"

 Check out the size difference!

Original Packaging Sizes:

- 10mm
- 11.5mm
- 13mm
- 13.5mm
- 14.5mm
- 16mm
- 17.5mm

New Packaging Sizes:

- 7mm
- 8mm
- 9mm
- 10mm
- 11.5mm
- 12.5mm
- 13mm
- 13.5mm
- 14.5mm
- 15mm
- 16.5mm

Select designs of this variety are available for order NOW. We're priming ourselves at HQ for these new products so you can expect your NEW 22-tip nail wraps to ship starting June 10th! CLICK HERE TO BEGIN and/or click below to enter for a chance to win 10 sets of the "NEW 22"!





I need all the space nail wraps! They’re so pretty!


I’m really sad about the loss of the 17.5 size. It barely fit my thumb and the 16.5 definitely won’t. I know people wanted some smaller sizes, but I think you may find a lot of people that aren’t going to have a size that fits their thumb. So bummed. I will not be ordering once they are all switched to the new sizes.


I need these in my life! ???


Love to see the glitter tentacles come in this new layout.

Amanda Wood

I love the space wraps! With the new small sizes, I would love them even more!!

Lady Amphy

Love the more sizes we get. Any chance that certain exclusives like the critical role wraps will get the same treatment?


So.Many.Wraps. So.Much.AWESOME!


I want the 8-bit hearts!


Wow, I know there’s a lot of people who are super excited about the smaller sizes, but I’m one of the ones who are deeply saddened by the loss of the 17.5mm size. I’m apparently on the other end of the spectrum from most of these commenters – the 17.5mm just fit my thumbnail perfectly, no trimming required. I’m seriously bummed that it looks like some of my favorite designs, Eagle Nebula and Lunar Phase, are now ONLY available in the 22-wrap sets. Unfortunately since my thumbnails are longer than they are wide, there’s no way for me to MacGuyver the 16.5mm to fit my nail without having it ‘float’ somewhat oddly with exposed bare space on both sides – so it looks like I won’t be buying any of the new sets except perhaps as a gift for others. It really bums me out; I’ve been a stauch supporter and serious lover of your nail wraps since your first Kickstarter campaign, and I’ve invested in each campaign thereafter. Espionage nail wraps really make a difference to my sad flaky peeling nails in daily life; they provide an extra layer of support and protection without any damage to the nail, as well letting me wear my geeky heart on my sleeve/nails.

If you are still working on new designs, I really really hope you will seriously consider expanding into larger sizes than what is currently offered; I know a lot of folks who have admired my wraps forever, but have never purchased any themselves because your wraps are too small for their nails. Think of the geekilicious genderqueer folks and nerdtastic drag queens that would buy your wraps if only they could!

I think the new, paper-saving packaging design is genius, including a nail file is inspired, and the new logo looks totally bomb. You all did a great job there! I’m just sad that I’m only going to buy the 10-wrap sets until they’re sold out, and then I’ll just have to wait and hope that eventually bigger wraps will be released.


I am addicted to the nail wraps. So happy to have even more designs to choose. ??❤


I have larger nails and I have to admit that I’m disappointed that the larger sizes are gone. I won’t be purchasing any of the 22 packs and I hope that the Nexus and Boomboxes don’t ship with them or I will have to cancel my subscriptions. :(


Woooooot! I am so excited for the purple scales! <3 <3 possible new fave wrap :D


I’d love to see all of the scale wraps !

Heather G

Super excited for this and friggin love the new logo! It’s kinda perfect. I’d seriously love to see all of the space nail wraps in the new 22. So preeeeetty


I’m afraid I’m in the minority here with large hands. Your old style just barely worked – even the 17.5mm was a smidgen too narrow for my thumb – but I was happy overall. Was excited about buying the new ones, having assumed you’d offer larger sizes as well, but now I’m really bummed I can’t use your nail wraps anymore. ?


I would love to see Catz in the new 22.


I am so excited, I have been waiting for this since the last Kickstarter. I look forward to seeing extended sizing for Burtonesque, tentacles, & the Nexus version of Hogwarts houses!


Ok, yes. Liking the new range of sizes. Wish we could get the Bitch Planet wraps in the new size.

Rebekka Henck

So pumped that there’s more sizes! My baby hands rejoice! Would definitely love to see more of the current designs become 22’s!

Brandy B. Good

I love this! I always have trouble with the sizing of my ring and index fingers. Now i’ll actually have the right sizes for them! Yay!! The new logo is super fun too! Change is good. The evolution of this little company has been so fun to watch for the last three years! Thank you for always having something I love and for always being helpful when I need it! I can’t wait to see MOAR!!!


These are great! I won’t have to trim down the wraps for my teeny tiny nails anymore.

Dark Dragon

Nat 20!


Oh, love the new logo!


Love the new sizes. I ordered some and can’t wait to try them. I’d love to see Aurora Borealis, Ukiyo-e, and Light Cycle in these new sizes too!


LOVE these! I have small hands, so the smaller sizes are great!
I’ve always loved computing and would love to see them in this format, too. <3

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