Ancient Mau Round of Nexus: Epic Wrap Battle Results!

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Ancient Mau Round of Nexus: Epic Wrap Battle Results!

Espionage Cosmetics Ancient Mau round of Nexus!
Long before the feline takeover of the internet, our four-legged friends with the powerful mew were seen as demi-gods in Ancient Egypt. It is said that the Egyptian Mau is the oldest of domestic cats with domestication occurring between 4,000 BC and 2,000 BC ( The ancient Egyptians dealt with a rodent problem which affected their grain stores, but when joining forces with cats, the issue was not only eliminated but reduced the risk of cats being preyed upon by larger animals. We dedicate this month’s theme to the ancient Egyptians who created the bridge for the symbiotic relationship between humans and cats, because YAY CATZ!


NEXUS ships TWO brand new Nerd Manicure designs to your doorstep every month! After an epic vote, the winning nail wrap design joins our permanent #NerdManicure line, and the loser becomes a subscriber exclusive! Join the wrap battle now!
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Ancient Mau Round of Nexus!

Visit our website and you'll find nail wraps with words from books printed on them. These nail wraps, however, tell a completely different story! Inspired by a formal writing system used by ancient Egyptians, this gold foil accented design is one that will go down in history! 
This little kitty wants to say hello to you! Peeking from different corners of the nail wraps, this design stands out from the rest of the glow-in-the-dark nerd manicures in our line. How? Put 'em on to find out! 


Espionage Cosmetics Peek-a-boo Cats Nail Wraps!
The people have spoken! Peek-a-boo Cats has been crowned CHAMPION of Ancient Mau! This means it now resides within our permanent nerd manicure line and can be purchased here. Hieroglyphics was sadly snuffed out all because of your votes! It has been sent to time-out and is only accessible to those that subscribed to the Ancient Mau round of Nexus. If this was you, then you have been granted exclusive access to purchase it here.


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