Clever Girl Round of Nexus: Epic Wrap Battle Results!

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Clever Girl Round of Nexus: Epic Wrap Battle Results!

Espionage Cosmetics Clever Girl round of Nexus!
Congratulations! You are participating in a research expedition exclusive to the NEXUS experience. We hope you are well prepared because we are about to begin the tour. Oh! I suppose I should note we are observing the creatures of the Mesozoic Era. “Age of the Dinosaurs” they call it! No worries. The Jeep you are assigned to is completely safe and will outpace the fastest of dinosaurs. Okay. Onward! 


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The climate is perfect for strolling through the forest and here we have a good view of the plant life, but wait! Through the you see that? Families of Stegosauruses are on alert seeing that a number of Tyrannosaurus Rex are making their way towards them. It doesn't look like this will be a peaceful interaction, although they were on good terms yesterday. Hmm. Will the sudden but inevitable betrayal of either group curse this land? (Stares off into the distance.) Now that I mention it, we should probably get going.
Fantastic! Just in time. Take a look. We're witnessing a miracle of sorts! These little raptors are hatching and taking their first glimpse at the world through the comfort of their egg shells. Aren't they precious? But watch out for those claws, a couple of them are looking at you deviously! Moving on! 



The people have spoken! This Land has been crowned CHAMPION of Clever Girl! This means it now resides within our permanent nerd manicure line and can be purchased here. Hatchlings was sadly snuffed out all because of your votes! It has been sent to time-out and is only accessible to those that subscribed to the Clever Girl round of Nexus. If this was you, then you have been granted exclusive access to purchase it here.


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