They See Me Trollin’ Round of Nexus: Nerd Manicure Roundup!

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They See Me Trollin’ Round of Nexus: Nerd Manicure Roundup!

May 2017 Theme - They See Me Trollin'

NEXUS ships TWO brand new Nerd Manicure designs right to your doorstep every month! After an epic vote, the winning nail wrap joins our permanent #NerdManicure line and the loser becomes a subscriber exclusive. Join the wrap battle now!
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They See Me Trollin'


You ever jump into the comments section of any post and immediately regret it? Eh, it happens. This hysterical wrap is filled with so much trolling, you don’t even need a comments section. TROLOLOL your way through the day with this glow in the dark design with a small reminder—Y U NO MAKEUP?! The glow in the dark side of things also reminds you, don’t feed them trolls, fam, just don’t.



BEWARE the trolls. They hide under bridges; dwell in isolated caves, rocks, and even mountains. Now they’re making their way into your manicures! Though trolls aren’t normally known to be helpful to humans or goats (those clever billy goats)… they’re here to add some fun quirk to your manicure.

>>And the Results<<

The voters have voted! Trololol has been crowned CHAMPION of They See Me Trollin’! This means it now becomes part of our permanent Nerd Manicure line and can be purchased here. Beware the Troll sadly couldn’t feed enough trolls and has been sent back to the bottom of the bridge. Access to the bridge is only accessible to active subscribers. If this was you, then you’ve been granted exclusive access to purchase it here!


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