Espionage Cosmetics Nerd Makeup Hacks

Nerd Makeup Collections from Espionage Cosmetics consist of 4 colors (everything shadows and/or glitters) and are contained in a small tube. Now, that's convenient for traveling, but when you're at home and swimming in your makeup inventory.... Eh. There has to be another way!

Over the weekend, we took some notes from Espionage Cosmetics customer Kim B. who found a fantastic way to store every one of her everything shadow and glitter pots using a couple different things she picked up from JoAnn Fabric and Crafts! 

Here's what you'll need:

Bead Organizer              

The process:


  1. The goal is to have one band to wrap on two, opposing corners of the container. Wrap the elastic over the corners of your choice so ends meet to determine how much will be needed. Cut unneeded amount off.
  2. 1 yard can produce 2 bands if you're making more than one storage container. 
  3. With thread that matches the color of the glitter elastic, sew both ends together with one end overlapping the other about an inch. 
  4. Set aside.


  1. Open the bead container. Inside are individual pots with lids. Unscrew and discard (or stow away) the lids. 
  2. Go ahead and organize your nerd makeup in these pots!
  3. Once you're done, decorate the lid with stickers of your choosing. We went ahead with a monogram.


  1. Close the container with your fancy shmancy, sticker-coated lid.
  2. Take glitter band and wrap both ends.
  3. Enjoy!


Have a different way to store your #NerdMakeup? Leave a comment below!




Melissa Garner

Great idea! I’ve been trying to tidy up my makeup hoarde!

Melissa Garner

Great idea! I’ve been trying to tidy up my makeup hoarse!

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