Here we have the winners of the Nexus vote! Each month, YOU have the power to vote on your favorite of two brand new nail wrap designs delivered to your doorstep. The winners of that vote can be found here. BUT WAIT! Nexus subscribers have exclusive access to both the winning design AND the losing design for every month they receive. Want full access to future designs? SUBSCRIBE NOW.

Do you see more nail wrap goodness here than you expected? That’s because we <3 you and have granted you EXCLUSIVE access to the losing wraps, too! Well, they can't all be winners... Can they?

Atmo $ 10.00
Euler's Formula
Euler's Formula $ 10.00
Flight of the Moonfallen
Holiday Lights
Holiday Lights $ 10.00
Tally Marks
Tally Marks $ 10.00
This Land
This Land $ 10.00
World 1-1
World 1-1 $ 11.00