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Our Story & The Nerd Makeup Mission
We are the Nerd Makeup Misfits of Espionage Cosmetics! Banded together in geek solidarity back in 2011, Espionage Cosmetics was created after a professional makeup artist and an active duty Marine partnered to scheme ways to take our nerdy, geeky passions and combine them with our love of makeup. We didn't just think outside the box, we threw the box away and it’s working! With our ever-growing horde of loyal nerd misfits, real life nerd celebrity shout-outs, collaborations with amazing cosplayers and companies we are reaching new levels of awesome every day! We firmly believe in opening portals to all forms of creative outlets and that includes cosmetics! From beauty to cosplay makeup, our line was born to give you all the feels as the amazing, nerd-tastic, majestic being you are!

Nerd Makeup and Nerd Manicures? Frak Yeah!
Espionage Cosmetics features a line of cruelty-free makeup and nail wraps inspired by things we love including comic books, video games, and sundry things throughout pop culture! With geek culture as a large, ever-changing community we’re constantly on-the-go travelling and setting up shop at comic/pop culture conventions all while brainstorming progressively crazier ideas to mad-science our expanding marketing strategy and product lines. After an enormous response through two successful Kickstarters for our NAILED IT! line, we’ve been busy harvesting dreams and transforming them into tangible forms of glory for all to enjoy!

The more you make noise online about and at Espionage Cosmetics, the more we know what you desire most! Not only does our creative engine kick on for things that WE love, but for things that YOU love and most of the time that means we aim for a collaboration! We’ve partnered with properties such as TableTop, VandalEyes, Bitch Planet, Borderlands, and most recently, The Wicked + The Divine! It doesn’t stop there. You won’t believe what's around the corner!

The Geek Boutique & EC BOOM!Box
In 2015, we opened our first storefront nestled in downtown Tacoma, WA. We’ve even launched “BOOM!Box”, a bi-monthly subscription service to expand your Nerd Makeup/Manicure/Merch universe! Want to learn more? Click the links to start your adventure: The Geek Boutique | BOOM!Box

Thank you for visiting Espionage Cosmetics or as we lovingly call it; “The Land of Glitter & Fandom”! We will never give up, never surrender. We have a ship, a crew, and we keep flying. We do because there is no try. We see every single atom and we divide them. Nerd Misfits never say die. We’ve made our own space because we are non-compliant. We are Espionage Cosmetics.

Viva la Nerd Makeup Revolution! 

the nerd misfits
Holly Amanda Christal Hillary
Espionage Office Prefect
Graphic Design &
Marketing Demi-God
PR & Social Media Oracle
Cosplay Imperator,
Jill of All Raids, &
Lil Red Writing Hood
Julie Jess Mechagodzilla Pantone
Support Senshi,
Packaging Overlord &
The World's Meanest Hufflepuff
Graphics Minion &
Anime Aficionado
Intern & Model Extraordinaire
Proprietor of the Geek Boutique
Princess Sparkle Hooves Butter Bear
Princess Sparkle Hooves
BOOM!Box & Nexus Curator &
Shimmer Squad Cheer Captain
Bearbo Baggins
Office Duchess &
Professor of Adorable Distraction