In nerd world these are typically good for nothing but saying you did the thing (we're looking at you "Insane" title holders in Azeroth!). However at Espionage your Achievement Points aren't just digital pats on the back. Instead your AP in The Land of Glitter & Fandom translates to cash off your orders, special gifts sent to you at bonus levels, and exclusive product variants!

Place an order: 1 point for every dollar spent!
Share our website on twitter: 50 points!
Your Birthday!? 200 points!
and so on and so forth.

Create a Store Account
+200 Achievement Points

Place An Order

+1 Achievement Points for every $1 spent

Refer a Friend
+500 Achievement Points

Share Our Website On Facebook
+50 Achievement Points

Like Our Page on Facebook
+50 Achievement Points

Share Our Website on Twitter
+50 Achievement Points

Follow Us on Twitter
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+50 Achievement Points

It's Your Birthday
+200 Achievement Points


For all y’all OVERACHIEVERS we came up with a secondary list of ridiculous and fun things you can do to earn MOAR points towards Nerd Makeup/Manicure domination. How does it work? Well, put simply, you just pick something on the list. Document it through photos/social media whilst doing the thing. Then when the task is completed you email us at with all relevant documentation and the subject line “I am an OVERACHIEVER & I want my points”. That subject line is VERY important as it will trigger our minions to forward your badass shenanigans to our confirmation team who we will hence forth refer to as “The Gringotts of Achievement Points”.

Without further ado here are the things that will gain you a plethora of OVERACHEIVER points:

Teacher’s Pet
”No, this is Patrick.”
Pinning Is Winning
Browse through our blogs and be the first to leave a comment!
If you can’t find a blog with no comments on it, have no fear. You can get points from joining in on a blog comment conversation.
Create a board on Pinterest that is dedicated to all things Espionage Cosmetics, and pin away!
+100 Achievement Points
+50 Achievement Points Each
+150 Achievement Points
Crest Quest
Whisker Whisperer
Pigment Picasso
Using Perler Beads, Cross-stitch, or painted macaroni to create the Espionage Crest.
Photo of you Volunteering at your local animal shelter / cat shelter and wearing EC nail wraps or makeup!
Paint a picture using Espionage pigments of the following: Jabba the Hut, Hobbit feet, or Your house crest according to the Sorting Hat.
+2500 Achievement Points
+2000 Achievement Points
+900 Achievement Points
Super Hero Landing
Notice Me Senpai
Clearly Crazy
When at a convention, find Deadpool cosplayers and take a pic with them holding a sign that says #ECDeadpoolWrangler.
Ever tweeted @EspionageMakeup at a celebrity and received a response? Screenshot it and send it to us!
Create a craft out of protective layers that you peel off of your nerd manicures.
+500 Achievement Points Per Deadpool In Single Photo
+500 Achievement Points
+1500 Achievement Points
Silver Linings Scrapbook
It Ain't EC Being Cheesy
Cusack Crusader
Make an outfit/dress using packing slips and/or silver packaging from orders your Nerd Makeup/Manicure orders.
Have a picture taken of you (wearing your EC nail wraps) and eating Cheetos out of the bag with chopsticks like so:
Recreate the iconic “Say Anything” scene in which John Cusack stands in front of his car holding up his boombox. Only it will be you, your car, and holding up the EC BOOM!Box.
+2000 Achievement Points
+300 Achievement Points
+2000 Achievement Points, +100 Points if you wear a tan trench coat (For Boom!Box Subscribers)
If the Shoe Glitz
The Wedding Zinger
Capture the Swag
Make a magnificent pair of “Ruby Slippers” using EC glitter “Leviathan”, Red Vines, Yarn, and Red M&Ms or Skittles. Then take a picture of you wearing them.
Officiate a wedding and at the end when you are supposed to say “You may now kiss the bride” you instead take a page from Varrick and Zhu Li and say “You may now, do the thing.”
Travel more than 200 miles to get to our store in Tacoma, WA: The Geek Boutique. You must take a selfie in front of the door or under our sign.
+2500 Achievement Points
+2000 Achievement Points
+1500 Achievement Points
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