Everything Shadow Pro-Tips:

  • Applied over a white primer you can really make these colors pop!
  • When applying loose pigments you don’t wipe/swipe/brush them on like you would a pressed powder. Instead you should TAP them into the area where you want your color to be! Loose pigments have a lot more application options but are definitely a different animal from standard, pressed powders.
  • When traveling, to minimize your Everything Shadows “leaking”:
    1. make sure to keep them in one of our handy dandy collection canisters that seals them off from the rest of your clothes/makeup/etc.
    2. take a small piece of masking tape and run it along the edge of the canister. Not only will this keep the lids from shifting in transit, but it will also supply you with a piece of scotch tape that can be used for evening out eyeliner or picking up glitter/pigment fallout later!

Please note: Everything Shadows are packed by weight, though some ingredients may settle a bit during shipment, giving the appearance of being less full.