Frequently Asked Questions


Where are they made?

Our lip serums are forged in the depths of our lab of Fandom & Glitter by the talented artisans of Espionage Cosmetics. Once enchanted and imbued with enriching essences, they are then shipped to California to be carefully dispersed into their final packaging.

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What are the ingredients?

Each product description on our website will include a list of ingredients specific to that color. This information can also be found on all of our product packaging. Our lip serums are formulated with coconut oil, vitamin E oil, and lots of extra badassery to send dry, cracked lips back into exile!

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Are they tested on animals?

Behind the scenes, the Nerd Misfits are actually run by their real-life aristocats. As such, we do not test on animals or use any ingredients that have been tested on animals. All of the Espionage products are cruelty free and bursting with furbaby appreciation. When time allows between projects, we continue to work through the various pieces of the long, but certainly worthwhile process of becoming Leaping Bunny certified. Until then, we are Leaping Kitty certified.

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Are the serums vegan?

We most certainly do offer a number of vegan-friendly lip serums! For your convenience, the description on each serum will clearly list if it is vegan/non-vegan.

Friendly tip from Office Mechagodzilla: If the item in question contains “Carmine” then it is not vegan-friendly. (Yes, he’s sociable from time to time. He also adores wearing lip serums when no one's watching.)

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Are they gluten free?

Yup! All of our lip serums are gluten free and produced in a gluten free lab. Frost your lips in our velvety smooth colors free of worry!

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Why do the colors look so pigmented in the packaging, but sheer when I apply them... what gives?!

The scrumptious and sheer state of our lip serums is intentional! This is so you can mix them with our Everything Shadows to create your very own custom colors and signature looks. We even have these magical little capsules of holding that will aid you in mixing and storing your shiny new hue!

Don’t know what colors to mash up? Leave it up to the Nerd Misfits and give this Mystery Lippie Set a try!

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What are the Lip Serum Capsules used for?

They're a quick and easy way to mix custom lip colors using our Everything Shadows and silky smooth lip serums. It's also a convenient way to carry a little touch up on the go! Toss one or many in your bag! You never know which mood (or personality) will emerge.

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Will they dry my lips?

Unless you have a kryptonite-like aversion to delectable and nourishing oils then our lip serums will soften, not roughen your smackers! With minimal application, the coconut and vitamin E oils will condition your lips and have you declaring, “That’s super, man!!!”

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