Glitter Pro Tips

Glitter Pro-Tips:

  • Cosmetic Grade, custom created sparkles are curated by a Glitter Jedi in our Nerd Makeup Lab.
  • To apply glitter liner OR glitter shadow: Using a clear eyelash glue and either your finger or a fine-tipped brush, apply a small amount on the area of your eye where you could use a bit of sparkle. Then use a separate brush to add your cosmetic glitter of choice, making sure to press it in to the glue. When done correctly, you can wear that glitter liner for 10+ hours without reapplication!
  • To pick up fallout without grinding or brushing glitter into your makeup, have a roll of scotch tape on hand. Take a piece about 3 inches long and use the sticky side to gently and efficiently pick up the stray sparkles.
  • Get creative! Everyone can use some more glitter in their life!