Want to Level Up Your Nerd Manicure?

It's dangerous to go alone. Take these!

Nail File 2-pack

Our nail file is the basic tool needed to bring your new #NerdManicure to life! After pressing the wrap on to your nail, simply fold down the excess over the edge of your nail and use one of these handy files to file away the excess wrap!

Nerd Manicure Kit

Get nails on the go with this convenient travel size nail manicure kit. Never lose your manicure scissors or other nail accessories again with the super cute zipper case that makes it easy to do your nails in your room, on your lunch break or even on long road trips. Kit includes stainless steel nail clippers, manicure scissors, nail file and 2 cuticle instruments.

´╗┐Nerd Manicure Humidor

Keep your nail wraps safe and extend their life with this classy Espionage humidor. Heat, sunlight and time can cause nail wraps to become dry and brittle but this humidor protects them for months so you can buy all your favorite wraps at once without fear of them drying out. Plus it keeps all your wraps in one place so you always have them handy when it's time to do your nails.