BOOM!Box Mystery Samples

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  • BOOM!Box Mystery Box - Bundle - Espionage Cosmetics

BOOM!Box Mystery Samples

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  • Been wondering what BOOM!Box is all about? Try a box o' samples!

    This is a box of random sample items, NOT a complete BOOM!Box 

    This small box contains big value! BOOM!Box Mystery Box contains randomized samplings of items from past rounds of our BOOM!Box service without the commitment of a recurring subscription! This box of mysteries will include select exclusive items from past themes, as well as a handful of regular Espionage Cosmetics products. The contents are a mystery, but the fabulousness is guaranteed! FOR A LIMITED TIME WHILE SUPPLIES LAST.


    Please note: Ordering multiple Mystery products may result in receiving duplicate items. All sales are final for Mystery products. Each mystery box contains a total of $25+. 

Customer Reviews

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Cat Davis C.D. Cat D.

I only got to the sale when the smallest sample collection was the only choice left - so ther ewer esome crossovers between my boxes and while I would have LOVED to order bigger box sizes, I really did LOVE what I got. Lippy balms of yours which are so soothing for dry lips, and two Self Recuing Princess Pins (but what self rescuing princcess doesn't know another one to share with?!) - The eye shadows were fun and I was absolutely over the moon with the glitter sample!

Melissa Garner M.G. Melissa G.
Great Deal!

I couldn't have been happier with the box I received! I got an adorable headband, beautiful foil wraps, a cute necklace charm, and a ton of makeup: powder, eye shadows, and lip color. This is an awesome bargain. Highly recommended.

Gem G. Gem
Cute stuff!

My very cool box (decorated on the outside, too!) came with a copy of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, a set of Sargent bi-color coloring pencils, a neat holographic Espionage business card, a Nerd Makeup Ambassador pin, and a set of Chainmail nail wraps. The book is something I've been thinking about reading for some time, but couldn't quite overcome the basic squeamishness that comes from, "ew, zombies". So now I am forced out of my comfort zone and am enjoying the book and Elizabeth's startlingly violent tendencies pretty well. I am a huge dork about collecting coloring pencils (slim cylindrical little rainbows you can play with), and I didn't even know bi-color was a thing, so the pencils were pretty awesome. And as ridiculous as it might be to some, I've been dying for an official NMA pin. It's tiny, yet one of my most prized items from the box. And then of course the Chainmail wraps with one perfect dragonscale offset wrap. Truthfully, I was hoping to somehow magically wind up with one of the Marissa Meyer Lunar Chronicles themed ones, which are still new and are aggravatingly only available on her book tour, but these are excellent. Absolutely there should be a wink to dragons in with the chainmail theme. Who besides Espionage would have thought of it? Love it all.

Downside: Shipping is prohibitive, as is the case with any subscription box from any company.